Melissa Reaves’s Book ‘The Storyteller’s Mind Movie’ Reaches International Best-Selling Status In Multiple Countries

Melissa Reaves’s Book ‘The Storyteller’s Mind Movie’ Reaches International Best-Selling Status In Multiple Countries

Trust your stories!
The Storyteller’s Mind Movie: Become an Emotionally Connected Leader Through Your Storytelling Skills, by Melissa Reaves, hits international best-selling status in several countries across a variety of business categories including: Business Communication, Running Meetings and Presentations, and Amazon Hot New Releases.

Bellevue, WA – The Storyteller’s Mind Movie: Become an Emotionally Connected Leader Through Your Storytelling Skills, a business communication book by Melissa Reaves, has become an international bestseller in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany for a total of 55 Best Selling Categories, including a number one ranking in 13 of them. Reaves is the Founder and CEO of Story Fruition, which is dedicated to creating millions of emotionally connected leaders across the globe using the power of their storytelling and presentation skills.

“As both an actor/improviser–and a professional enterprise tech sales and marketing professional for the past twenty-five years, I’ve always been keenly aware of the audience. It only made sense to write the book based on my storytelling workshops and communication expertise. I’ve not seen any other book that shows people how to tell their business stories like this book offers. It was an honor to write to help improve lives in the business setting.”

The Storyteller’s Mind Movie, shows business professionals how to identify key moments in their personal and professional lives that changed the way they see the world. The step-by-step Mind Movie Method makes it easy for the business leader, visionary and Founders to discover, craft, sculpt and deliver amazing stories for any business presentation from sales Success Stories; captivating investor pitches; to putting “Heart behind the chart” with compelling data storytelling tips both visually and orally; and “How to take the boredom out of the Boardroom.” Reaves points out repeatedly, “The key is to balance out the data with emotional connection. If you lack stories behind the graph or chart, you leave money on the table or lose momentum in the sales process. Emotional human-to-human stories are what sell. Not pie charts.”

The author spotlights that story crafting is a journey. The story must be allowed to flow freely. The refining of the story will happen as the leader learns to edit out what isn’t necessary, and to enhance all that creates the “Mind Movie” the audience will experience. “You learn to step in and out of being the narrator in the story, to step into the scene with your characters and make it come alive. My method will also stop the meandering so that your stories flow neatly as they educate and entertain your vision.” She adds, “The goal is to make the listeners see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it and mostly emotionally feel the story unfold. When you do that, you’ve got your audience in the palm of your hand—and your ideas sell through,” says Reaves. “When the presenter creates the Mind Movie, their leadership naturally escalates. They become magnetic,” says Reaves.

The Storyteller’s Mind Movie Companion Journal release is lined up next. The Journal is full of story prompts, wisdom quotes, and storyboards for anyone to start building their own Story Library, so they do well and feel confident in media interviews, keynotes, town halls and boardroom meetings.

The audiobook is slated for Spring 2023.  Melissa enthusiastically adds, “Since this content is about the oratory art of storytelling, the audio version is a key component to rounding out the mastery of this essential business skill—so I highly recommend all three elements if you are serious about catapulting your communication skills. Listen to it while you drive to work and start your day revved up to be a magnificent leader!”

Amazon reviews are confirming that the book is a valuable resource for learning easy-to-follow processes that readers want to highlight, earmark and re-read.  Storytelling skills are of high value everywhere. It is a gift with immense potential that must be shared with everyone.  Melissa often says, “As a leader your stories matter. So, tell your stories, and tell them well!”

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About Melissa Reaves

Melissa Reaves is the Founder and CEO of Story Fruition LLC. The executive storytelling mentor and advisor help professionals hone the craft of business storytelling for various use cases. Her thriving company, Story Fruition, mentors executives globally as her team of highly trained coaches mentor how to create “Mind Movies” that mesmerize listeners on any virtual or live stage. Melissa has mentored leaders at Microsoft, Broadcom, World Affairs Council, Washington State University’s Executive MBA program, Seattle U’s Entrepreneur program, The Korean Start-Up Center, and an expansive list of 100’s of start-ups and nonprofits. Her company has helped a multitude of start-ups generate over $70M in investor capital raising using her storytelling Mind Movie method.

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