Hetal Nagaraj – The Heart of Grace and Grooves Group and a Master of Multiple Performing Arts

Hetal Nagaraj is one of the most renowned names with full traceability in the performing arts & education industry. With decades of education & experience, she has trained hundreds of people – from amateurs to professionals – in more than 50 different specialties, 8 different dance forms from being a successful dancer, modeling, stage design, production designer to performing arts-trainer. Her graduates have gone to pursue successful careers in multiple streams & countries along with the USA; some as young as teenagers with international awards for themselves based on their achievements under Hetal Nagaraj.

In addition to her well-known dance training program, Grace and Grooves, which she founded back in 2011, Hetal also offers consulting services for wellness, IT training programs as well as leadership programs. Hetal’s graduates gain insight into various career paths with experience and exposure with right application of knowledge and laws.

It’s no wonder that Hetal has become highly regarded in the performing arts niche;her dedication & results from her craft is unparalleled! From hosting productions of her own trained students, by genre and category to setting up an entire infrastructure, commercial choreography for production houses to taking on big budget performing art projects, she provides well-rounded learning experience with full exposure and awareness. It was this passion that led her to register Grace and Grooves as a company. The goal is to create a well regulated space and a platform where aspiring dancers could hone their skills without fear of judgment or criticism and gain full potential by genre, category or stream they choose.

All in all, it’s clear why so many aspiring dancers in all age groups trust and are attracted to Hetal with their ambitions: not only does she provide top-notch instruction, but she also offers invaluable guidance along the way, helping her students reach their full potential both on and off stage. If you’re looking for an experienced mentor with this amazing transparency who can take your skills to the next level then look no further than Hetal Nagaraj. Hetal is also a certified international trainer from one of the most prestigious institutes in the world of training and development – The Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad Management Association program for corporate trainers.

By 2022, Hetal broke records of all possibilities by field, category and genre and this is just her own accomplishments. From a small company in 2011 to more than 30 brands of performing arts & 2 brands in IT in 2023, Hetal has made a difference & has achieved results with full transparency in every field that she enters.

To learn more about Hetal and her specialities, please visit: https://www.graceandgrooves.com/ or  https://www.hetaln.com/.

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