Become Financially Empowered Through Personalized Money Coaching With Emily Gowen, AFC

Become Financially Empowered Through Personalized Money Coaching With Emily Gowen, AFC
Emily Gowen, AFC. Financial Coach & Owner of PDX Money Coaching
Teaching You How to Use Money as a Tool to Achieve Your Dream Lifestyle and Business

PORTLAND, OR – Hard work is typically rewarded with a decent living, but a decent living doesn’t always translate to financial freedom. The truth is that society doesn’t equip people with the knowledge or tools they need to manage money effectively and make it work harder for them. Through no fault of their own, they feel immense stress, anxiety, and even shame about their finances. Many people seek out financial advisors, only to find that long-term investment strategies don’t help them make everyday financial decisions. Emily Gowen, AFC, Financial Coach and owner of PDX Money Coaching loves teaching people who feel like they are finally earning good money, how to get their money habits under control and feel confident with their daily financial decisions.

Emily is no stranger to the common struggles of money management. Like many people, she entered adulthood without ever being taught how to manage, save, or invest. Facing consumer debt, student loan debt, and a low bank account balance, Emily took action to transform her limiting beliefs about money and her earning potential. Today, Emily has her dream home on the West Coast, owns multiple properties, and has college and retirement funds in place. Now, as an Accredited Financial Counselor, Emily employs a holistic and thorough approach to money management—teaching others to view money as a tool through which they can achieve their dream lifestyles as well.

Anyone can take full control of their personal and business finances with Emily’s 3-Month Coaching Program. Her coaching kicks off with a Financial Clarity Intensive, through which clients learn how to budget effectively and create their very own Sustainable Spending Plans. With plans in hand, clients then embark on Emily’s 3-Month Coaching Program, where they receive one-on-one coaching and personalized financial advice. During the program, they not only shift their mindsets on how to view money but also learn a brand new system for managing money effectively. As a result, clients feel empowered to handle their finances with confidence and make savvy financial decisions at every turn.

Of course, it’s one thing to plan. It’s another challenge entirely to follow through on that plan. Emily delivers ongoing accountability and support to her clients via routine meetings to ensure that they are consistently making forward progress towards their financial goals and the lifestyles they want to achieve.

The first step towards financial peace of mind and freedom is only a few clicks away. Start by booking a Financial Clarity Intensive with Emily here. For more information about Emily and PDX Money Coaching, visit her website today.

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