Discover EquityLine MIC – A Consistent Source of Funding with Up to 9.0% Annual Returns for Investors

With nearly a decade of experience, EquityLine MIC is one of the leading mortgage service providers in Ontario and beyond. Founded by the highly respected President and Chief Executive Officer, Sergiy Shchavyelyev, the company has gained significant growth and momentum over the years in response to increasing demand for its investor and borrower services.

Through several interrelated corporations and third-party partners, EquityLine MIC offers a comprehensive range of mortgage services. This includes providing more consistent sources of mortgage funding for borrowers as well as contracted mortgage brokers.

Additionally, the firm’s innovative investment platform allows private and public investors to participate in pools of mortgages. Investors benefit from attractive returns – up to 9.0% per annum – along with added advantages such as stability, predictability and diversification for their investments.

Borrowers can also benefit from EquityLine MIC’s wide array of services including personalized guidance on loan terms and conditions tailored to their unique needs. Their experienced team of experts will take the time to understand each client’s financial goals before recommending suitable solutions that meet those goals.

Furthermore, customers can rest assured that their loans are serviced by knowledgeable professionals specializing in the mortgage industry who have access to exclusive products offered at competitive rates.

EquityLine MIC is dedicated to creating a positive customer experience through its superior service combined with reliable resources, that way borrowers can make informed decisions about financing their dreams.

With an impeccable track record of success built upon trustworthiness and stability, customers can count on them to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution when it comes to attaining their desired financial objectives.

So whether you’re looking to invest or apply for a mortgage loan – EquityLine MIC has you covered! Learn more about their services at

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