Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Sun-Down Years with Jerrod McHenry’s Asset Management Strategies

Coming from humble backgrounds, Jerrod McHenry had always been fascinated with wealth creation and success. Ever since he was a little boy, he dreamt of becoming financially stable and self-reliant in all matters regarding money. Laser-focused on his goal, he studied hard and let no opportunity slip through his hands without taking a lesson or two to heart. After getting a degree in Legal Studies, he worked at the stock exchange and learned about  finance, equity, stocks, and venture capital.

His fascination, hard work and tenacity led him to become a financial strategist and offer his services to others through his platform, Launch Life Financial. With integrity, transparency and guaranteed results as his core values, McHenry is the ally clients wish for when it comes to managing their financial assets. He teaches others various strategies to create generational wealth, income for life, and tax deferred retirement plans.

McHenry is determined to help as many clients and families as possible retire with peace of mind, enjoy the security of economic freedom, and live the life they always dreamed of. And indeed, many of his clients, individuals and families, have benefitted from his invaluable guidance in achieving that security, with proven and immediately effective strategies. McHenry offers a suite of carefully designed asset management products to his clients from low-income families to high-earners alike.

Speaking about his values, McHenry is clearly against taking advantage of financially vulnerable people in uncertain economic conditions. He is proud to state that his services are always geared toward the betterment of his clients, and that he firmly stands against deception for profit.

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