BILL is about to launch three major exchanges

The BILL project will be launched soon. BILL is confident to become the top 20 cryptocurrency in total market value.

BILL experienced a series of listing plans in the early stage, which were not realized, mainly due to insufficient listing reserves. This will never happen next, and the way to listing will be very smooth.

On March 2, 2023, BILL will open its official website to the whole community and start a one-week project publicity and promotion plan. As of February 28, 2023, BILL has prepared $500 million for the online transaction of BILL.

Exchange name

Application status

Exchange reply

Completion degree


Audit completed

Agree Online


Audit completed

Agree Online



in progress

in progress

in progress


The launch price of BILL is US $5.5. The specific online time will be informed in the approved bulletin board of the exchange after the three major exchanges have completed the review.

Introduction to BILL

BILL transfer channel

BILL listing preparation

Carry out one-week global project promotion

Put BILL into the repaired BILL wallet

Wait for the announcement of the exchange and complete the circulation.

BILL’s network computing power has reached 12EIP. With such a large amount of computing power, BILL’s listing plan will be very smooth. It has reached 20 times of the minimum computing power allowed online.

BILL will complete all the framework construction and construction in the first half of 2023, and basically complete all the investment. Next, let’s look forward to whether the price of BILL is stable at $6.

The BILL users in the internal test have completed all the investment, just wait patiently for BILL to go online. The BILL community knows that all users participating in BILL want to launch BILL urgently, and BILL is planning to launch.

It can be online and circulated within a week at the earliest. At present, the two exchanges have reviewed and passed the online plan. BILL community is waiting for the review of Coinbase. Regardless of the results of the Coinbase audit, the BILL online plan will be launched immediately after the completion of the Coinbase audit.

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