Meet this 19-year-old who wants to make a dent in the personal development industry

Growing up under an entrepreneur father, Oliver Kim (19) says he grew up in a household where innovative thinking was celebrated. Since 6th grade, Oliver spent his spare time drafting business plans and interacting with young entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to get realistic feedback on his ideas. He says that he always wondered if he was “even capable of thinking like an entrepreneur.”

The Pandemic was when he decided to pour all the extra time and energy into putting his entrepreneurial thinking to practice. Below are some of the projects he worked on:

● Vintage Threads (Luxury Consignment Sales Service) 

● Anti-Fog Silicone Mask Frame (Patent)

● CareElder-19 Movement (Viral Social Media Movement)

● SchoolPiazza (High School Extracurricular Management Platform)

● Dwelling & Company (E-Commerce Pet Product Retailer)

He says that he didn’t put himself through these experiences just for fun. Instead, he strategically put his time and money in his high school years to learn what he believed would come in handy in his future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Over the Pandemic, he became one of the top luxury brand consignment sellers in a high-end neighborhood in South Korea, which taught him fundamentals of B2C sales. Acquiring the patent allowed him to persevere through an iterative process of creative thinking.

CareElder-19 movement and the e-commerce retailer taught him social media marketing and building a noticeable online presence through social media, which he later used to earn side income as a brand-to-influencer ad matchmaking agent.

He also started SchoolPiazza along with his co-founder Eugene Kim, a Harvard graduate who served as a Bodelian Researcher at University of Oxford. The project taught him how the B2B sales process worked as it took him months to convince conservative private boarding schools to implement their data-driven student extracurriculars management platform.

Now, Oliver is setting out to pour 100% of his energy into a passion project and “the most meaningful entrepreneurial endeavor” with the support of his two friends Sebastian Alvarez (23) and Sean Um (19), college students each attending Cornell and Princeton. Sebastian was one of the founding members of Portals, a creator community platform, along with Stanford’s BASES team, which was recently acquired by Beacons, a well-known link-in-bio tool “Having been one of the youngest founding members of Daytrip, South Korea’s largest travel content startup, Sean will assist the team with market positioning and other tactical approaches for the project,” Oliver says.

“We’re building up the team, actively looking for people who can do the mud work together to create a healthier future for the world to enjoy,” says Oliver. Blingkle Labs is building a highly-incentivized tool for people to form healthy, rewarding daily habits through actions and ‘cohort-based learning.’

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