Essence Food & Beverage, LLC: The Source for Best Bulk Vanilla and Spices from Indonesia

By cutting out the middlemen, Essence Food & Beverage, LLC offers lower prices for high-caliber vanilla beans and spices

Local bakery and pastry shops, food and beverage manufacturers, and retailers know how costly vanilla beans and spices can be. And most of the time, these extra costs – which ultimately hike the product’s selling price – are caused by the presence of middlemen and macroeconomic factors.

Essence Food & Beverage is committed to shortening and developing a strong, sustainable supply chain from Indonesia to the U.S, bringing the freshest spices while protecting food manufacturers and local businesses, from surging prices. By cutting out the middlemen, everyone benefits – from farmers to chefs to the end-consumers.

Thanks to their long-term partnership with Indonesian farmers, Essence Food & Beverage is able to directly source, produce, package and deliver Indonesian vanilla beans and spices at the lowest market prices.

Planifolia vanilla orchids are currently only found in a very small portion of the planet, with Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea being the top locations for this famed spice. Essence Food & Beverage has a combined 20-years of farmers relations, making it clear and transparent how vanilla and spices are sustainably grown. Moreover, a triple-check inspection is implemented to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

They are known for selling high-quality bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder, particularly Planifolia and Tahitian vanilla, which are considered one of the most exotic ingredients in the world.

Essence Food & Beverage carries a variety of Indonesian spices. It’s the one-stop shop for bulk spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom. Like vanilla beans, these spices are also consciously sourced from Indonesia, available for import, and sold for commercial use.

Just recently, Essence Food & Beverage launched their latest feature on their online distribution marketplace called Build-Your-Own-Container (BYOC). This secured feature gives supply chain companies the ability to custom build and request a quote for a 20- foot container containing spices from Indonesia. You can mix and match spices including cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and clove. Upon your selection, the BYOC system generates a custom quote with payment terms and logistic information directly in your inbox. This advanced and easy to use system has never been seen in the agriculture industry, and its one to keep a lookout for!

From its founding days, Essence Food & Beverage has been a top US supplier to aromatherapy companies, bakeries, breweries, culinary institutions, hotels/resorts, ice creameries/gelaterias, food, beverage, and the pharmaceutical industry. Their Continuous commitment to ensuring the purity and natural, fresh flavors of their products as well as offering the most competitive prices worldwide has earned them a good reputation within U.S. companies. All their products undergo triple check inspection before delivery with a trackable notification system that allows customers to self-track their order and minimize delays. To further ensure 100% satisfaction, their continuing product guarantees cover any undesirable damage throughout the shipping process.

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Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a leading vanilla beans supplier and spice distributor in the U.S. They directly source bulk vanilla beans and spices from Indonesia – eliminating the middlemen – to offer goods for commercial use, at a lower cost.

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