Matregenix Unveils New HEPA Filter Media with Significant Reduction in Pressure Drop, Saving Energy and Improving Air Quality

Matregenix Inc., a leading manufacturer of nanofibrous media for air filtration and personal protection, is excited to announce the development of a new HEPA filter media that offers a significant reduction in pressure drop compared to commercial HEPA filters. This breakthrough innovation provides exceptional filtration performance while reducing energy consumption, making it an ideal solution for energy-conscious environments such as hospitals, labs, and homes.

Matregenix’s proprietary nanofiber media boasts a 99.97% filtration efficiency and a pressure drop ofless than 60 Pa, which is a marked improvement over commercially available filters that typically have amuch higher pressure drops (100-300 Pa) and increased energy consumption. With this advancement,traditional HVAC systems can now achieve HEPA-grade filtration without any extra modifications orequipment. This new filter makes it possible for residential homes to have a HEPA filter in their HVAC system, which was not previously possible due to pressure drop constraints.

Dr. Kevin Guo, the COO of Matregenix, said “Our new HEPA filter media offers a significant reduction inpressure drop, which can help reduce energy costs for our customers while still providing exceptional air filtration performance. We are excited to offer a cost-effective solution that not only improves air quality but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.”

The innovative use of nanofibers in Matregenix’s HEPA filter media results in a smaller fiber profile thatenables larger slip flow and facilitates particle collision on the surface of the fibers, thereby reducing pressure drop. This development will be of significant benefit to commercial and residential building owners who are looking for high-functioning filters that do not compromise the performance of their HVAC systems.

Matregenix HEPA filter media is lightweight, air-permeable, and PFAS-free, making it both eco-friendly and user-friendly. The company is currently looking for a commercialization partner in the filtration space to bring this revolutionary product to market.

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Matregenix Inc. is a California-based technology company that designs, develops, and manufactures highly tunable nanofibrous materials adaptable to the customized needs in a wide range of applications.

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