Harness the Power of Neuroscience to Create a Life of Freedom and Abundance With Dr Leonaura Rhodes

Dr Leonaura Rhodes is a physician turned mental wellbeing and life coach. Spurred by a near death experience in 2020, Dr Rhodes developed a course called Peak Life Design to help people break away from their routine and unfulfilling lives. Through her neuroscience-based course, she helps her clients to design, plan and live the life they really want to live – a life full of adventures, joy, fulfillment and freedom of time and money.

Dr Rhodes’ belief is that, “Life is short and precious and we owe it to ourselves to live our best lives every day.” With this firm conviction, she developed her groundbreaking program which has seen hundreds of clients benefit from the coaching techniques she teaches.

The newly designed Peak Life Design 4 week course launches in April 2023. Clients are guided on an immersive journey to explore what it means to live fully and to envision and design a powerful future that will be filled with meaningful experiences, true happiness, vibrant health and abundance. They will learn to make bold decisions with clarity and confidence so they can create the lives they’ve always dreamed of having.

In the Peak Life Design course Dr Rhodes draws upon her holistic and extensive training as life coach, physician, results coach and trainer for Tony Robbins, neurotherapist, brain health and mental fitness coach to help people overcome any obstacles they may be facing. She helps them break down those walls that are holding them back from achieving their goals, pushing past their limitations, re-discovering their purpose to regain control of their lives again.

During the Peak Life Design course Dr Rhodes’ clients can expect an enlightening journey, in a group coaching setting, with personalized support as she guides them through the process of transformation to unleash their true potential by building resilience against stressors. With her expertise and guidance, clients can take the first steps to become the best versions of themselves and gain overall emotional wellbeing, peace and contentment.

It is Dr Rhodes’ mission to help people who are struggling with stress, uncertainty, negativity, worry, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed to get back on track and find hope again.

To learn more about Dr Leonaura Rhodes and her program, Peak Life Design, visit: www.drleonaurarhodes.com

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