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New York, NY – The humble history of the DongCheng Tools company is a warm tale of innovation and perseverance. Read through the years of ambition and passion for creating a world-class brand in the professional power tool industry.

The Rich History of DongCheng Tools

Every great empire starts somewhere and it is only through knowing where they have been that people can know where they are going. A company’s history tells the tale of its values and, most importantly, they map out a timeline of the collective drive, intuition, and ambition that was needed to create what people see today.

The history of DongCheng Tools is propelled forward by inspired thinking and a passion for innovation. From humble beginnings in parts manufacturing to expanding across 60 countries and regions globally, the DongCheng story describes the years of dedication and perseverance needed to establish a leading brand. So, take a stroll down memory lane to the very start of the DongCheng name and watch the greatness unfold.

The Start-Up (1987-1997)

The story of DongCheng begins ways back in 1987 when the business was repairing the motors of power tools and the sale of parts. However, the founder of DongCheng Tools, Gu Zhiping, wanted to do more than simple repairs and replacements for tools and aspired to create an entirely original brand. In 1995, he achieved this vision by starting a new electric motor tool production range under the name Oriental Power Tools. Adhering to manufacturing only the highest quality of power tools, the company officially applied to trademark the name “DongCheng” in 1997.

Taking Root (2001-2008)

The start of the 21st century saw “DongCheng” power tools become the preferred brand in China’s power tools and parts market. 2001 was also the year in which Jiangsu DongCheng Power Tools Co., Ltd. was founded along with its registered trade name. The company was steadily growing and taking up more space in the industry.

Another huge milestone was reached in 2001 when DongCheng successfully transformed itself from being a supplier of power tool parts to being an actual power tool manufacturer. This kickstarted the DongCheng power tool product range and pushed the company to devote all of its efforts towards research and development in the manufacturing of quality power tools.

In the year 2002, the DongCheng company launched its first three power tool products – the SIM-FF-100A Angle Grinder, the Z1C-FF-20 Electric Hammer, and the Z1E-FF-110 Electric Marble Cutter. Immediately upon their launch, the products received the recognition of professionals for consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and performances that rivaled even the most well-known competitive brands. The newly released tools soon became some of the most highly sought-after products on market. All three of the products have since become a permanent fixture in the classic DongCheng product range.

The period between 2002 and 2008 saw the successful development of more than 40 DongCheng power tools and essentially formed a complete and fundamental product line of AC power tools for the company. This feat quickly established DongCheng Tools as a comprehensive and professional power tool manufacturing enterprise with a pointed focus on research and development while maintaining the highest quality output.

After the basis of the power tool range was formed, the DongCheng company made significant investments in product advancement through the improvement of manufacturing and testing equipment to boost its research capabilities and overall production capacity.

Industry Expansion2013-2020

By the year 2013, the DongCheng company was ranked in the number 1 position in the Chinese power tools market and the official overseas sales division was set up to jumpstart an expansion of the DongCheng tool range to a global market. The company also took its opening strides in creating its first lithium battery-powered project.


Following the ISO/IEC17025 (CNAS CL-01) standards of criteria, the DongCheng company established its proprietary test laboratory in 2015. The state-of-art lab took up 4,000 square meters of area and was equipped with advanced equipment and technology that could be used within multiple test applications – from safety compliance, work conditions, load bearing and durability to lithium battery-charging systems, electromagnetic compatibility, manual tools, household appliances, and RoHS environmental protection. The DongCheng laboratory received its accreditation from the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), Intertek testing, and the TUV – ensuring its expert testing capabilities.

2018 marked the operation of the company’s third production base – its largest manufacturing base to date. It introduced a fully automated assembly line to drastically improve production speeds. DongCheng industrial production bases covered a total area of 346,800 square meters and featured a construction area of 267,800 square meters. At this point, the company’s manufacturing process covered AC and DC products, brushless motor manufacturing, mold manufacturing, aluminum processing, injection molding processing, complete machine assembly, and so much more. The annual output of the DongCheng production line could easily exceed 20 million units.

Global Reach 2020-2023

The Shanghai Europe-US Regional Sales Center was established in 2020 as a pioneering step to expanding the DongCheng market into Europe and the US. The Shanghai research and development center was also introduced at this time and worked in conjunction with the Nantong (Jiangsu), Hangzhou, and Suzhou centers to further the company’s investment in innovative technology and market recognition. This was the start of a commitment to shaping the DongCheng company into an internationally renowned supplier of cutting-edge power tools and superior quality.


By 2021, DongCheng reported a sales revenue of close to RMB 6 billion with products being sold in over 60 countries. Despite the debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on most industries, the DongCheng company managed to maintain its steady development – investing more time, energy, and capital in all of its research and development centers to improve the engineering of its product range. The company invested RMB 100 million to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities to build automated smart-production sites. The DongCheng company further rapidly accelerated its brand-building and globalization efforts, which still bear the fruits of success today.

The Future of DongCheng

The values of discipline, integrity, and a passion to do more have driven the DongCheng company from strength to strength and ensured a company history that is metered by perseverance and a willingness to evolve. Decades of hard work and innovative thinking have made the company a global brand with a reputation for high quality and precision in the power tool industry.

The future of DongCheng involves a focus on advanced engineering, ambitious designs, and the basic desire to improve, not only the company itself, but the world it caters to.

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