The Divine Connection – Dr. Apelu Poe’s Newly Released Book Helps People Live With God’s Time

LaVergne, Tennessee, USA – March 2, 2023 – Award-winning and #1 International Best-selling Author, Reverend Dr. Apelu Poe has now released his new book, The Hidden Secrets of the Master’s Mind: How You Can Live With God’s Time. This new book serves as an introductory pathway into spiritual teachings of the Torah and analyzes weekly Torah portions using expert Biblical linguistics techniques, while also using Hebrew to understand the hidden meanings behind Biblical teachings to help people fulfill their purpose.

The Hidden Secrets of the Master’s Mind is the first installment in Dr. Poe’s new 3-part series of books. With the 3-part series containing 11 volumes in total, the purpose of this series is to help people from all walks of life enhance their divine connection, understand how the universe works for them, and become the person that God has intended them to be. Over the course of 11 volumes, Dr. Poe analyzes the 54 weekly Torah portions to help readers understand the hidden meaning behind each portion while also helping readers truly absorb the essence of these Biblical teachings for practical implementation in daily living. While the first book focuses on human creation, the entire series answers an array of important spiritual questions. From decoding God’s theological message to offering decades’ worth of knowledge in this series, Dr. Poe is sharing essential educational resources to help people enhance their divine connection.

Reverend Dr. Apelu Poe is a highly regarded Hebrew Bible Scholar and an Award-winning #1 International Best-selling Author. Through his work, he is passionate about helping people enhance their spiritual connection and become the best version of themselves. Now retired, he has devoted more than forty years of his life to academic research and Church leadership as an ordained pastor. The Hidden Secrets of the Master’s Mind is Dr. Poe’s latest project after retirement, as he endeavors to impact readers across the globe with his expert Biblical analyses.

Being a passionate Torah/Bible Codes Developer, Dr. Poe’s new series will dissect the weekly Torah portions while also offering practical life advice and tips that coincide with each portion. Guiding readers towards external educational resources while also offering references to his teachings, Dr. Poe’s work is bound to make a significant impact on all aspects of the readers’ lives.

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