Immigrant Generates 4 Income Streams, Shares His Best Advice for Earning High 6 Figures Yearly

Shabir Mustehsan went from an optimistic student to a consultant with a multi-income business portfolio within 10 years of running his own firms Seriously Agile & Seriously Business.

For today’s millennials and Gen Zs, having multiple sources of income can protect their cash flow from layoffs or any similar unprecedented events like the pandemic. However, the desire to do so certainly comes with challenges. To help fellow hustlers, Pakistani American Shabir Mustehsan shares his best advice.

Mustehsan moved to New York from Pakistan when he was 18 years old. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo with a degree in Biology, he already started a small e-commerce distribution company called Seriously Business. The entity generated $50,000 in annual revenue at the time.

But Mustehsan didn’t just stop there. At the age of 22, he pushed through to get a project management job that earned him $120,000 per year. He then moved up into coaching enterprise frameworks full-time and doubled his 9-5 earnings within three years.

By age 25, he diversified again, this time using his professional experience to create Seriously Agile–an end-to-end professional education and tech consulting firm. They have coached over 100 professionals earning over $100,000 in salaries as of 2022.

Hitting his goals at such a young age was quite a feat but with the right attitude and strategies, anyone can hack their way into success. Here’s Mustehsan’s actionable advice to help hardworking professionals get their dream multiple income streams:

Learn and address your mental health. Get professional counseling about stress triggers and coping mechanisms–these will help move one’s life ahead. Knowing them earlier will prevent aspiring multiple-income earners from major pitfalls and achieve more in life. For example, Mustehsan’s horrible anxiety pushed him to do 10 things all at once but then, a business coach once told him to write things down before he started his day to help him with productivity.

Plan college with marketable skills and discipline for punctuality, routine, and self-ownership. Mustehsan clarifies “You could be studying social science but also look into skills that don’t require degrees. Many fields allow us to earn earlier than we’d assume. Gary Vaynerchuk also mentions that college isn’t the only place people can invest in themselves.” For example, Mustehsan learned sales for an e-commerce company and joined an entrepreneurial incubator as a 3rd-year Biology student. This business became his 3rd income source before he turned 26. He also had a part-time job to pay rent on his own because it gave him that discipline and ownership. His parents supported his college tuition financially but he still decided to do these things on his own.

Network to establish real relationships. It is difficult to network, however, most people want genuinely valuable relationships that stand the test of time. Too many students reach out for referrals but once connected, they want a referral link without genuinely connecting with anyone. “I have taught this to many students and I found out later that those who stayed in touch and kept their relationship with their networks did much better than those who didn’t. I never lost touch with anyone who added value to my life early on, in fact, I pay it forward.” Mustehsan shared.

Enjoy hobbies but practice delayed gratification. “I prioritized my time into core college classes, work, and my business events as I knew these skills would make me a living in the US, I still had fun but only after other responsibilities were taken care of,” he said. As he was building his multiple income streams, Mustehsan shared that he couldn’t play cricket, chase after five girls, stay fit, get a 4.0, and play music while building a successful sales team and getting a six-figure job.

Now 28, Mustehsan has set his sights on bigger goals but earning more income isn’t at the top of that list. “The quality of income controls the choices we can make with our time. I wish to add more value to people around me and give more time to family while loving what I do. I wish that a decade from now, 100 people write about similar successes around the world because I influenced their lives,” he concluded.

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About Seriously Agile

Seriously Agile is an end-to-end professional education and tech consulting firm that has trained over 100 professionals earning over $100,000 in salaries. Founded by Shabir Mustehsan, the company helps today’s professionals specialize in scaling up and implementing agile management mindsets, practices, and beliefs across teams.

About Seriously Business

Seriously Business, a sister company to Seriously Agile, is an end-to-end entrepreneurial incubator specializing in cyclical revenue strategies with select e-commerce brands while coaching financial literacy. The company continues to grow across North America as the ultimate self-paced hustle coaching program that has already added value to over 50 partners worldwide.

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