STEM Education iCode School Grand Opening in Stone Oak, TX

STEM Education iCode School Grand Opening in Stone Oak, TX
Grand opening of iCode School in Stone Oak, Texas.

Stone Oak, TX – March 3rd, 2023 – Stone Oak welcomed a popular education franchise to the area with a grand opening earlier this year. iCode is a STEM education campus where kids can learn about everything from coding to programming drones and robotics to digital arts. 

“My passion for STEM education has led me to own and operate iCode. As an involved educator and a mom in the San Antonio community, my hope for iCode Stone Oak is to create a transformational learning experience for kids. My vision is to create a fun, engaging, safe environment for curious learners and provide a high quality, after-school enrichment option for the San Antonio schools and community.” Ankita Swali, iCode School Stone Oak Owner.

We can all see how technology has changed our daily lives and heard of future innovations. But who will build and maintain this technological infrastructure? Growing demand for trained technical workers. It’s estimated that 3.5 million jobs will need to be filled by 2025

However, traditional US school systems need help offering courses on these in-demand topics for many reasons. Many obstacles hinder schools from offering these subjects, from a shortage of teachers trained in these areas to the expensive hardware that must be updated or replaced with each new technological advance to developing curricula that must be regularly updated. This is where STEM schools like iCode can fill in the gaps.

“iCode is at the forefront of teaching skills for the future. We don’t just teach kids to code but also help them develop soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, and teamwork,” said Abid Abedi, iCode School Founder and CEO.

iCode offers a proprietary curriculum at its campuses and partners with local schools to provide STEM education at their facilities through after-school programs and camps.

iCode offers something for everyone, whether students are looking for a full, comprehensive STEM education or if they prefer to focus on an area of particular interest. Through gamified learning and hands-on projects, children stay engaged with each concept and better retain each lesson.

In addition to technical skills, iCode’s curriculum also weaves in vital soft skills such as collaboration and project management to help build students’ confidence and prepare them for their futures. 

Ankita Swali

iCode Stone Oak Owner/Director

STEAM Education for K-12


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