W3S Group is Helping the Next Generation of Web3 Users with their Comprehensive Academy

The W3S group has developed an in-house AI (Artificial Intelligence) copywriting bot named Trevor. Trevor generates community content for traditional and web3 companies and projects using ChatGPT and several APIs, including Alexa, Wikipedia and Jasper. 

It also can be fed other third-party data sources (in this case, a well-known red-top British newspaper). In addition, Trevor uses traditional media marketing techniques to encourage readers to become emotionally driven to click on the article and become irritated. Using the keywords “Clickbait, British Gas, Web3, Blur Airdrop, Poverty, Boomer, Zoomer, Millennial, W3S group.” It wrote the post below.

The war in Ukraine and Brexit has led to a very tough 2023 in Great Britain for most people. 

Many have struggled with rising food and energy costs and refused pay rises by their bosses, while dividend payments to directors are close to an all-time high. So, it has been a year of two stories and a classic case of “we are all in the same storm but not in the same boat!”

Sometimes, the underdog gets a win, and Web3 has helped many Zoomers offset their selfish Boomer bosses’ personal greed with exponential growth and, more recently, the Blur Airdrop.

A young couple recently moved to help manage their living costs only to discover they had a pre-payment British Gas meter, and while Centrica (British Gas’s parent company) announced triple profits! They were sinking into debt.

When asked for a quote, the couple said, “We were really struggling, and with our bills, we had to move out of London to try and cope, but British Gas made it almost impossible! Luckily we were introduced to Web3, and the Blur airdrop has helped us keep our heads – we can’t thank the W3S group enough for helping us understand and navigate the web3 world.”

The Web3 group have created a glossary to help onboard people into this exciting and potentially lucrative world of web3. 

Jonathan Pullinger and the W3S group team spent several days compiling a list of essential terms to help new people enter the space, understand the financial risk/reward model, and learn more about web3 job roles through our upcoming Academy. 

The Academy will encompass many areas of Web3, from Business Development and Marketing to Development and Strategic thinking. It will guide new users through the web3 industry in “block-sized” pieces, helping the next generation of young people grow, develop and extract value from the web3 ecosystem.

About W3S Group

The W3S group is a global Web3 venture studio. We support, develop and invest in Web3-powered companies building tomorrow’s open economy. We are experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, marketers and makers looking to address the world’s most important challenges and opportunities.

Our team of crypto-natives bring strategic and regulatory insights, deep technological expertise, operational capabilities and forward-thinking capital to empower organisations and startups to take advantage of Web3 technology and innovation to build a better and more sustainable economy.

With the advancement of AI technology, humans must consider if the article has been designed only to drive an emotional response for corporate gains.

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