The Millionaire’s March Coaching Program by Lindsay Lovell Teaches Individuals How to Generate Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

Lindsay Lovell teaches individuals how to create and build wealth through real estate investing. She is a business owner, coach, speaker, and real estate investor.

Lindsay Lovell, the founder of The Millionaire’s March, which teaches individuals how to successfully invest in real estate without needing much capital to start, has had an explosive career. Known for her real estate investing success, Lindsay is also a syndicator, coach, speaker, and business owner. Her personal portfolio consists of 72 properties across the US.  As Co-CEO of G-VI Capital Management, a real estate syndication company open to accredited investors, Lovell manages $10 million in assets.

Lindsay got off to a fast and successful start in real estate investing. She states that she went from zero to 36 doors in 18 months, achieving her goal of financial freedom.

“Growing up, we are told that if we work hard, get good grades, get a good job, and save in our 401K, we will achieve the American Dream – this is a myth. You don’t generate wealth by climbing the corporate ladder and saving.  You need to make your money work for you, essentially using your money to make more and doing so in various income streams. Think of it like creating little oil wells that are constantly working to create passive income for you, whether you are sleeping or sitting on the beach! Even if one well is out of commission for a bit, the others are still in constant motion. I went from zero to 36 doors in 18 months and reached financial freedom. The key is that, unlike with stocks or 401Ks, for as long as I own those homes they are generating a reliable, consistent cashflow that typically increases over time, “ says Lindsay Lovell, Founder of The Millionaire’s March.

Real estate investing is a long-term strategy for building actual tangible wealth. It has proven itself a worthy investment that provides multiple benefits beyond just the cash flow, including tax write-offs and appreciation over time. Lindsay has honed her ability to build teams and gain traction quickly, allowing her to invest successfully in various markets. Lindsay founded The Millionaire’s March coaching, which has allowed her to pursue her passion for teaching other women how to achieve financial independence.

With well-chosen assets and the right coaching tools, investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, creating and building wealth. As an expert in investing in real estate, Lindsay’s goal is to coach others to generate wealth through real estate investing. “One of the most powerful tools you can do to jump-start your journey to financial independence is to make sure to find a mentor and a coach.  They help you supercharge your start and save you a lot of time, money, and pain, by showing you the ropes,” says Lovell.

The Millionaire’s March Coaching by Lindsay Lovell Offers the following 8-week course agenda:

–  Mindset of an Investor
–  Finding a Target Market
–  Investment Strategy
–  Building a Strong Team
–  Traditional and Creative Financing Options
–  Sourcing and Underwriting Deals

Lindsay guarantees that in just eight weeks of the Millionaire’s March Coaching, individuals taking her course will not only learn how to buy their first investment property but how to setup a real estate investing business!


Lindsay Lovell has years of success as a real estate investor. The Millionaire’s March Coaching program guides individuals new to investing or looking to scale in investment and assists anyone interested in creating passive income and generating additional wealth. 

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