How The Wealthy Landlord is Helping Rental Property Owners & Landlords 10X Their Cash Flow & Eliminate Property Challenges

Two of North America’s leading real estate coaches and mentors, Glenn Tewnion & Gwen Tewnion and their coaching and consulting firm, The Wealthy Landlord®, have a proven track record helping thousands of real estate rental property owners and landlords succeed.

From rookie rental property owners to seasoned landlords, following their “10X Path to Profitability” blueprint, Glenn & Gwen have helped thousands of landlords increase cash flow on their rental properties, attract better quality tenants, reduce the stress of tenant turnover, timely rent collection, reduce vacancies, reduce property damages, and eliminate everyday struggles via their real estate, property management, and landlording skills.

Mr. Tewnion states: “During the last 17 years, we’ve mastered property management and operating rental properties. We’ve reached and impacted thousands of Landlords and Real Estate Investors, and now want to take this a step further and create even more impact and smoother operating rentals”.

Mr. and Mrs. Tewnion believe that maximizing cash flow and attracting better quality tenants, should be near the top of any property owners list. Mr. Tewnion also stated, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… never stop learning. The fastest way from point A to point B is a straight line.  This is why having a Mentor is vital to your success. You can take the slow, painful route and struggle alone or have a mentor to guide and support you through your entrepreneurial journey, achieve results much faster, and save thousands of dollars.  Helping Landlords succeed is something my wife and our team are passionate about, and we believe we can help impact millions of Landlords struggling in today’s economy”.

In the next few months, The Wealthy Landlord® has various coaching and upcoming training courses available online and is excited for their impact across North America and the world for decades to come.

You can learn more about mentoring, boot camps, courses and training from Glenn and Gwen Tewnion by reaching out to them and their companies at or 

Contact Information: Glenn and Gwen Tewnion CEO [email protected] 2046985644.

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