More Than Two Hundred Employees Worldwide Have Built Their Financial Freedom Plan With Stoic Money’s Investment Coaching Program

Vittorio Rigato, the founder of Stoic Money and a financial industry expert, has helped more than 200 employees build financial portfolios from scratch with his 1:1 investment coaching program. The program assists employees in becoming confident investor and building a customized plan to build a passive income and retire comfortably.

For the average employee, knowing how to invest money properly and begin an investment portfolio is daunting. Many companies don’t properly educate their employees on investing their hard earned money, and they are left wondering if it will even be possible for them to retire at the end of their careers. They might have heard a seminar or two about investing in the stock market and “moving their money around,” but no real direction is given, and many people keep postponing their investing journey.

Stoic Money and its founder Vittorio Rigato are changing this for employees across the globe with the Stoic Money Investment Coaching Program. This one-on-one coaching program with financial expert Vittorio Rigato has helped hundreds of regular employees start working on their investment, build a passive income and ultimately reach financial freedom.

Vittorio Rigato and his “anti-financial advisor” approach to coaching and investing 

Vittorio Rigato founded Stoic Money because he knew how many people want more from life than working in a career for 40 years and no guarantee that they would ever be able to retire. 

He says: “Let’s say that in 15 years you don’t want to work anymore and you want to dedicate more time to your passion, or to travel. To make this possible, you will need a passive income, so that you don’t need to work anymore. The bad thing is that you cannot build that overnight. The good thing is that you make this type of future possible by making the right investment choices today.”

His education alone shows his qualifications to coach others in the financial industry. Vittorio holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and Management, a Master’s Exchange from London Business School, and a Master’s Exchange from Harvard Business School, and he is in the top 5% for scores on the GMAT Test.  

He applied this extensive education to investing as he managed his portfolio and the 7-figure retirement portfolio of his family. His portfolio grew 174% in 2021 alone from his expert investments in EFTs, stock, and crypto. Before Stoic Money, Vittorio worked in the fintech industry in Frankfurt, Germany and he has managed financial products worth millions of dollars.  

In 2021, he created Stoic Money to teach others how to control their finances. The Stoic Money Investment Coaching Program is designed to teach anyone how to invest in the stock market and make money from it.

Vittorio believes that financial advisors are not the solution to become wealthy for the average person, as there can be often conflict of interests and you would always depend on someone else.

 Instead of relying on a financial advisor to make money decisions on one’s behalf, Vittorio’s goal is to teach his clients how to do it independently.  

“I help people to invest themselves in the stock market with the goal of reaching Financial Freedom in 15-20 years,” he says.  

This program has helped more than 200 people learn to take control of their own financial freedom as they build financial portfolios from nothing to a reliable source of income. This 6-week program is completely individualized as he reviews each client’s individual financial goals with them and comes up with a plan on how they can reach those goals and what the realistic timeline will be. 

“With my students, I’m always very transparent that it will take time to see the results. If they are looking for some get-rich-quick scheme, they are in the wrong place,” says Vittorio. 


Financial freedom is something anyone can achieve, and with Vittorio Rigato’s coaching, it doesn’t need to be reliant on someone else to make decisions on one’s behalf. With his help, anyone can learn how to manage their finances and create their investment portfolio with realistic yet incredible results.  

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