Child Parent Educator Collective: Championing Parents and Educators to Move from Burnout to Inspired

Dr. Eve Goldstein, Clinical Psychologist, and Danielle Matthew, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, are working to champion communities nationwide by providing a roadmap that teaches skills to manage anxiety, disconnection, burnout, and depression. They guide parents, teachers, and students to learn the skills necessary for building positive, strong communities.

Child Parent Educator Collective research reveals that 1 in 3 students experience hopelessness and worry, parents struggle with burnout, and educators feel burdened by their multiple roles. Danielle Matthew, LMFT, and Eve Goldstein, Psy.D. uplift and empower communities. They have determined that the five essential foundations to help parents and educators move from burnout to inspiration are: 

–  Developing self-awareness: People often think having negative emotions such as stress or sadness is a problem, but these emotions are essential. These emotions assist in understanding that something needs to change. Rather than trying to suppress these emotions, taking time to understand the feelings and use that information to make positive changes in life is vital. 

–  Building a capable mindset: Sometimes, when people feel overwhelmed, they get less done. One can increase motivation by organizing important goals into a fruitful daily routine.

–  Finding your purpose: When the goal is unclear, there can be a feeling of hopelessness and a lack of understanding. Some easy ways to help get guidance is to reignite and reflect on values and passions to understand what brings motivation or inspiration.

–  Creating connection: Research shows that establishing connected relationships improves happiness. There are ways to promote a sense of connection and belonging, such as attending parent events at school, volunteering, and seeking support from a colleague. 

–  Thriving in the face of challenges: Each individual has unique characteristics they can contribute to the community. A few examples of positive attributes are deep thinker, loyal, passionate, hard-working, creative, and capable. Pick a positive quality to focus on this week. Attribute building is a powerful tool that helps people to acknowledge and accept themselves as they are and gives them the power to make a difference in how they interact daily. 

Dr. Eve Goldstein and Danielle Matthew, LMFT, contribute to national news organizations sharing their expertise to address the challenges that arise at the intersection of education, parenting, and youth mental health.


Dr. Eve Loren Goldstein is a clinical psychologist and learning disabilities specialist with over 25 years of experience helping children, teens, and their families. She directs bi-coastal practices in California and New York. Dr. Goldstein has trained schools nationwide with her manualized program for embedding executive functioning skills in everyday curricula.

Danielle Matthew, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience. She founded The Empowerment Space, providing crucial support for children and parents to address bullying. She is the best-selling author of The Empowered Child: How to Help Your Child Cope, Communicate, and Conquer Bullying.

Together they have co-founded Child Parent Educator Collective to champion the broader community and address the growing youth mental health crisis.

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