VC values start-up Cappsule at $12m for its AI solution for Short-Term Rentals

Pictured: Cappsule’s co-founder Max Tesanovic (left) and founder Adalbert (Dalbs) Hutter (right) 

After experiencing several issues at his own rental properties, including noise complaints, broken items, and uninvited guests; Dalbs was determined to tackle these problems drawing on his expertise in tech, AI, Machine Learning, and electronics. The result is Cappsule: a privacy-focused solution that monitors the ambient space and individual assets in short-term rental properties rented through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. It does this via its AI-based platform and three products: the Cappsule HQ, Stay and Go tags.

Pictured: Cappsule’s HQ device

Pictured: Cappsule’s Stay (left) and Go (right) Tags

“We built Cappsule to solve the key challenges experienced renting through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO without invading guests’ privacy,” said Dalbs. “We wanted something easy to set up, adaptable to different settings and spaces, detect all the right things, and generate alerts automatically.” “We wanted to help hosts deliver an exceptional experience for their guests”. As a result, Cappsule’s technology is powered by highly intelligent sensors that detect and alert the host to potential problems, such as parties or excess occupancy, without violating guests’ privacy.  

Cappsule is the only provider in the market that can monitor both the ambient space and individual assets through their Stay and Go tags. Cappsule’s Stay tags can be attached to fixed items like TVs, artwork, or doors that should remain closed, immediately letting the host know if an item is moved, impacted, or removed from the property. The Go tags are a feature-rich locator, ideal for attaching to keys or portable items used in the property, like bikes or surfboards. Hosts can also create a maintenance schedule based on usage. 

The Cappsule solution not only benefits hosts but also provides value to tenants. The privacy-focused technology ensures guests can stay safe and secure without feeling monitored or uncomfortable. Guests receive alerts for things like noise levels before the host, so it gives guests a chance to remediate before any awkward conversations occur. The HQ also features a guest interface where they can see details of their stay, local recommendations, text their host and more. “Most importantly, we wanted to deliver value to everyone, both tenants and hosts.” said Dalbs. 

Cappsule has received venture capital funding from Brisbane-based VC Australian Silicon Valley (ASV), valuing the company at AUD$12 million. “As we look for startups to work with, we prioritize the Three Ps – People, Product, and Passion. Cappsule excels on all three fronts. After meeting Dalbs and Max, it was clear their passion and belief in this project were going to be the driving force to get Cappsule off the ground. And that is why we are confident Cappsule will dominate its market in its space.” Anna Cheyda, Chief Strategy and Investment Officer, Australian Silicon Valley (ASV).

Pictured: Anna Cheyda, ASV

Cappsule is working with the award-winning Australian design agency 4Design on the product’s final release. Beta trials have already begun with several individual hosts and property management groups, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. 

Pictured: 4Design team at 2022 Design Awards

“We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve received from our beta trials, and we’re excited to introduce Cappsule to the market,” said Max. “We believe that our privacy-focused solution will be a game-changer for the short-term rental industry.”

Cappsule is preparing for its official launch and is anticipated to be available for pre-sale on Kickstarter in April 2023.  

Stay tuned for events and activations by following Cappsule on LinkedIn. To learn more about Cappsule and its innovative solution for the short-term rental market, visit the company’s website.


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