Custom Cardboard Boxes and the Consumer Experience According to

Custom Cardboard Boxes and the Consumer Experience According to

Consumers rarely stop to think about the packaging of products they purchase. They worry more about the contents of this package. However, manufacturers spend countless hours designing, evaluating, and producing these packages. They want a branded package that customers love and one that increases the company’s bottom line. 

With the right package, the consumer has a positive first impression of the brand, one that they will remember and share. What options are available to manufacturers today? How can a company get more information to determine which packaging option is right for their needs? 

Packaging Options

Retailers may choose from several different packaging options today. Popular ones include padded mailers, bags, envelopes, and corrugated boxes. However, many companies now choose to make use of custom-printed boxes. According to, this helps to brand the organization before the package is even opened.

For example, an essential oils manufacturer ships their oils in a package that features one of its farms on the front. Prior to the customer opening the package, they already know more about the company and its offerings. 

Choosing the Custom Package

When creating this custom package, the company must determine what will provide the best experience and highest value for the consumer. This article gives a few more details, “ Discusses How To Make an Impact With Custom Product Boxes”. 

Consider using biodegradable packing materials to emphasize the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. Use tissue paper to add excitement to the unboxing process, or opt for alternative fillers to provide a similar experience. Include a small note in the custom product box or add promotional materials. 

Although a company will spend more to obtain custom product boxes, such as those offered by Printivity, the end results make it worthwhile. However, speak to the company to learn about other custom packaging options, as they may better meet the needs of the company. 

Consider every aspect when creating this package. This includes the colors, font, logo, and graphics. All come together to create an experience the customer will love when the design process is handled correctly. 

Assessing the Product Packaging

Every company should reevaluate its packaging options routinely. Simply because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean the company should continue using it. When evaluating product packaging options, take into account the cost, the return policy, and profit margins. However, the main consideration always needs to be the customer experience. 

No company today should use the standard cardboard box. Consumers don’t anticipate seeing this box when it arrives. They want more from a company they are spending their money with, and a custom product package helps to deliver the experience they desire.

The right packaging allows the manufacturer to stand out while keeping the brand consistent. Regardless of whether the consumer sees this package online or in a store, they know exactly who produced the item and what to expect if they purchase it. 

Never discount the importance of product packaging in the customer experience. Companies that make this a priority find it pays off in the end. Every moment of the customer product packaging design process is well spent when the company sees an increase in brand awareness and sales. 

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