Michael König Breuss: When nothing else helps, light language helps.

Energy is a fundamental component of our universe and permeates all aspects of our lives. Working with energy is therefore of great importance, particularly in the field of alternative healing and personal growth. In this context, there are a variety of people who are active in this field and use their knowledge and skills to help others. Some of them specialize in specific areas, such as soul or light language, which is based on the transmission of light and energy through sounds and language. In this regard, there are also a few teachers, such as Michael König Breuss, who help others develop and apply these skills.


Michael König Breuss: The energetic well-being.

Michael König Breuss is an energy worker who specializes in the application of soul or light language, also known as speaking in tongues. As one of the few teachers in this field, he uses his abilities to help others achieve their full potential in working with energy as well as in everyday life. Through the flow of light through him, he has enormous possibilities to support people with physical and emotional complaints and is guided by a higher power beyond his understanding. With his unique ability to transmit energy through sound and language, he can help in the liberation of traumas and fears from this life as well as karma from past lives. Symptoms such as fear of heights, unsolvable pain, relationship problems, infertility, lack of energy, fear of progression, and more, are always of energetic origin and can thus be released according to his experience. He also successfully uses his light language to remove energies that are not of earthly but rather demonic or extraterrestrial origin. Michael König-Breuss also has the ability to remove nano-chips and other high-tech ingredients and implants from the bodies of people that were used in tests or through vaccinations to fight COVID-19. Although the topic of vaccine detoxification remains controversial in the public sphere, it could help many people to finally feel better through this beneficial energy work. As a master of soul or light language, Michael König-Breuss uses his knowledge to help others understand the power of energy and use it for themselves.

Michael König-Breuss removes traumas from a previous life.

The Soul or Light Language is a technique where energy and light are transmitted through sound and speech to heal physical and emotional ailments. Soul language can also be very effective for the energetic cleansing of buildings and properties from geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution, but specifically for the burdens of old energies like former battlefields, energies of the deceased, conflict and anxiety energies, as well as for demonic and extraterrestrial energies. However, working with Soul or Light Language requires a deep understanding of energy and the ability to transmit it. Michael König Breuss is a master in this technique and has helped hundreds of people since 2006 to understand their energy problems and use Soul Language as an energy tool for solutions. Soul language is like an intuitive multi-tool that offers enormous possibilities for open-minded people. When people speak the light language again, they experience a deeply moving, tangible “empowerment” and upliftment of their being as they are then filled with energy and light. Soul language can also evoke joy, love, devotion, and trust in people. This technique can be used for many areas of life, much like it is practiced by indigenous peoples. Learning Soul Language and its applications with Michael König-Breuss can have a sustainable positive impact on life.

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