Bringing out inner creativity with magnetic play blocks: The Nia debuts Magnecraft on Kickstarter

The magnetic play blocks are designed to be strong enough to stay firm, soft enough to dismantle without causing bruises, and fun enough to keep kids busy; they are the best toy ever.

Toy companies have had to get creative to meet the growing demand for fun but practical toys that stimulate imagination and safely promote developmental skills. Lego blocks are a popular toy for kids; however, this sought-after toy has a downside; like many other toy blocks, they fall off easily. This takes away from the fun and discourages kids from exploring their inner creativity. The Nia is helping solve this issue by introducing Magnecraft. These magnetic toy blocks are flexible, fun, and firm enough to stimulate imagination and hold the attention of kids and adults.

Hands-on creativity

Kids love to explore their imagination and creativity to create figures and structures. Since simple building blocks have missed the mark, a new era of magnetic toy blocks begins. Magnecrafts are creative, versatile, and engaging toys that facilitate imaginative play and promote the development of motor skills, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. Magnecraft toy blocks look like real construction bricks but are soft enough to dismantle without causing injuries. The magnetic property of the Magnecraft ensures that the blocks stay in place when stacked up.

By introducing Magnecrafts, The Nia brings kids and adults a versatile indoor and outdoor toy designed to last and withstand rough play. The magnetic toy blocks are also easy to clean and store. Magnecrafts are also perfect for adults who love crafting; essentially, the toy blocks are great for family fun.

With safety at the top of parents’ concerns when buying toys for kids, The Nia has considered this in its design and production of Magnecraft blocks. The toy blocks are made of durable EVA foam that is safe for kids of all ages.

Magnecraft is now live on Kickstarter

To get this revolutionary toy for kids off the ground, The Nia is seeking 20,000 dollars through a Kickstarter campaign. With every aspect of the toy design, development, and testing completed, the company hopes to secure funds to produce more Magnecraft toys to satisfy growing demand. With the support of its backers, The Nia aims to mass-produce Magnecrafts to ensure that kids everywhere have access to magnetic toy blocks that bring their imaginations to life.

Check the live campaign on Kickstarter to learn more about Magnecrafts and the team behind these magnetic toy blocks.

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