Dr. Joyce Kahng Collaborates with Leading Company Church & Dwight

Dr. Joyce Kahng Shares Her Expert Opinion on Arm & Hammer™ and TheraBreath™ on TikTok

COSTA MESA, Calif. – March 21, 2023 – Dr. Joyce Kahng is collaborating with Church & Dwight Co., Inc. to promote the company’s TheraBreath and Arm & Hammer products. She will be posting a series of informative videos specifically focusing on the TheraBreath mouthwash and the Arm & Hammer toothpaste to her TikTok. Dr. Kahng is teaming up with Church & Dwight to provide dental education from a professional perspective. 

With over 300 thousand followers on TikTok, Dr. Joyce Kahng is one of the world’s leading dental influencers. Having been on TikTok since its beginning and creating online content since 2018, Dr. Kahng has built a strong community of followers who watch her videos to get insight on a range of dental topics from a trusted source. This collaboration allows her to explore the topic of bad breath and products that help the issue through a scientific lens that most people aren’t aware exists. The vast majority of the population judge dental products on their effectiveness, but through her platform Dr. Kahng introduced the health aspect, something the TheraBreath and Arm & Hammer brand partners highly value. 

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., founded in 1846, manufactures and markets a wide range of personal care, household and specialty products under recognized brand names such as ARM & HAMMER®, TROJAN®, OXICLEAN®, SPINBRUSH®, FIRST RESPONSE®, NAIR®, ORAJEL®, XTRA®, L’IL CRITTERS® and VITAFUSION®, BATISTE®, WATERPIK®, ZICAM®, FLAWLESS®, THERABREATH®, and HERO MIGHTY PATCH®. These 15 key brands represent approximately 85% of the Company’s product sales. 

“Authenticity is a vital component to the TheraBreath and Arm & Hammer brands, which is why Dr. Joyce Kahng was the perfect person to collaborate with. She’s a true professional who not only shows her audience how to use products, but she’s able to go into depth on every ingredient and why they work,” said Kristen Kowalski, brand representative for Church & Dwight. 

Dr. Kahng began using the two products before the collaboration. She was first introduced to the mouthwash and toothpaste through TikTok and was able to test them out for herself. She highly trusts these products after discovering they both have high pH levels, while most dental products have an acidic pH which is harmful to enamel. Because of their safe ingredients, Dr. Kahng advocates for these products as some of the best in the industry. 

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and Dr. Kahng have collaborated in the past and plan on continuing with their collaboration until the foreseeable future. The TheraBreath mouthwash is featured in one of her most recent TikTok videos where Dr. Kahng is sharing her nighttime brushing routine.

About Dr. Joyce Kahng

Dr. Kahng specializes in minimally invasive dental procedures that restore and enhance a patient’s smile. This includes Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding. Her practice, Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio in Costa Mesa, utilizes the most modern dental technology. From a Computer-Assisted Anesthesia System to state of the art digital scanning technologies that utilize Near Infrared Technology, she is able to provide a more comfortable syringeless, metal-free facility, including proper removal and isolation of silver fillings. 

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