Follower Stats Launches New API For Monitoring and Analyzing Instagram Profile Statistics


Followerstat is a website that offers users an easy and fast way to analyze their Instagram statistics. It provides an intuitive dashboard that allows users to track their followers, likes, comments, and other important metrics. This makes it easier for them to monitor the performance of their accounts and make informed decisions about how they should be managing them.

With Followerstat’s Instagram tracker, you can easily keep track of your followers and make sure that they are engaged with your content. Additionally, it also helps you understand which posts are performing better than others so you can optimize your content strategy accordingly.

How it works?

Followerstat’s Instagram follower tracker is easy to use. All you have to do is sign up for your free account and get started. After that, you can start tracking your Instagram account’s performance and use the insights generated from the data gathered to tailor your strategy accordingly.

FollowerStat has a proprietary API system optimized to analyze Instagram profiles, which allows to obtain 100% success for each request and the guarantee of being able to show to premium users data always updated every 24 hours.

Result of many hours of work by expert programmers, this makes FollowerStat an absolutely reliable partner for those who develop business on Instagram stats and for agencies that follow customers or competitors Instagram profiles, as we are confident that we can offer certainty of regular analysis.

FollowerStat Features:

GROWTH ANALYSIS: Analyze the growth of each profile, day by day, thanks to our statistics.

FUTURE PROJECTIONS: Forecasts calculated on the current average growth of profile statistics.

TAGS & HASHTAGS: Want to know which tags and hashtags to use? You can check them here.

PDF EXPORTS: Generated reports are always available in PDF format.

COMPARISON TOOL: Compare your statistics with those of your competitors to see who wins.

CSV EXPORTS: Export daily data to a CSV file for quick analysis in your Excels sheet.

You can analyze the evolution of each public Instagram profile thanks to our graphs and our splendid statistics. The best Instagram profile analysis service available. Completely free!

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