Hyyer – The best tech talent is not always the closest

Don’t reduce headcount, reduce headcount cost.

Hyyer, the fastest-growing talent sourcing platform in the US, was launched to help businesses find and hire the best remote talent at half the cost of Silicon Valley.

Founders Brian Gerrard and Sean Meenan had a problem when launching their first business. With entry-level salaries in the US often exceeding $150-200k/yr, they could not afford to hire top talent when competing with Google and Facebook for developers, customer service, and designers, leading to a ceiling in revenue growth.

While living as digital nomads in Colombia, they leveraged their social circles in Latin America, where they discovered an untapped pool of English-fluent professionals with master’s degrees and several years of experience at well-known brands. They had more experience and skills than any of the entry-level US talent the two were interviewing for roles, yet asked for significantly less salary to be happy. “Through our travels, we met so many talented people who deserved better opportunities,” said Brian Gerrard, Co-Founder of Hyyer. “That’s why we started Hyyer – to connect these talented individuals with companies who are looking for top remote talent and be the bridge of opportunity for the world’s best freelance talent”. The company pivot was on!

Their strategy paid off, doubling their monthly recurring revenue in just three months. Word spread in LATAM, and the founders built a database of thousands of highly qualified candidates ready for work.

Now, Hyyer is making this talent network available to the wider startup community, unlocking the vault for businesses seeking to tap into top remote talent at affordable prices.

“Hyyer is all about helping startups find the best talent at prices they can afford,” said Brian, co-founder of Hyyer. “We understand the challenges faced by startups, and we’ve created a solution that unlocks a vast pool of highly qualified candidates that are often overlooked by traditional hiring methods. Our solution has proven to be highly effective, and we’re excited to help other businesses achieve their goals.”

About Hyyer

Hyyer is a talent-sourcing solution for startups, providing access to a vast pool of highly qualified candidates in Latin America. Founded by entrepreneurs Brian and Sean Meenan, Hyyer aims to help businesses find and hire top talent at affordable prices. For more information contact: [email protected]

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