Digital Marketing Expert Liubov Svezhentseva Releases eBook Guide For FinTech Companies

Liubov Svezhentseva, a marketing specialist with over a decade of experience, shares her knowledge and experience with the financial technology industry in a new eBook available for free on her website.

In her newly released eBook, Digital Marketing Guide for FinTech Companies, author and marketing specialist Liubov Svezhentseva examines the most successful strategies for elevating companies in the financial technology (fintech) industry. The book explores the various avenues fintech companies can use to promote themselves and their services and is available for free on Svezhentseva’s website. 

“The book, focused on practical advice, is perfect for anyone who wants to succeed in the challenging world of fintech,” Svezhentseva said. “I believe that my book will be useful both for aspiring marketing specialists who want to learn how to promote financial services and for company executives who need to get an overview of promotion strategies.”

What readers can expect to learn

In addition to sharing her own journey and experiences as a marketing specialist at a fintech company, advancing from junior assistant to marketing manager at Payeer, Svezhentseva’s eBook provides an overview of successful promotional practices, common mistakes, and expected fintech industry trends, along with many other topics related to the subject. Composed over two years, Svezhentseva packed the pages with well-rounded experiences, practical advice, and valuable insight without resorting to dull theory or overly technical explanations. 

Svezhentseva helps readers gain a deeper understanding of the fintech industry and how to develop practices that offer effective results when competing with traditional financial institutions. Tech startups and companies that use fintech tools are the ideal audiences for Svezhentseva’s eBook. 

Download the eBook for free

Professionals in the fintech industry can download Digital Marketing Guide for FinTech Companies by Liubov Svezhentseva for free from her website. 

“This is a fast-growing niche with intense competition, so it is impossible to be successful in this market without taking marketing seriously,” Svezhentseva said. 


Visit Liubov Svezhentseva’s website to learn more about her free fintech eBook and digital marketing experience. Reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium to connect via social media. 

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