Toward Goodness: Making Guided Healing and Lasting Relief From Incurable Conditions a Reality

Joshua Cameron, founder of Toward Goodness, is a master healer. His clients are those who suffer from chronic conditions and have exhausted every option offered under modern medicine. Such clients wish for a miracle and when they finally land at Toward Goodness, they realize their wishes have come true.

Joshua has healed countless people who suffer from chronic pain in the neck, back, and joints, as well as those suffering from PTSD. As a combat veteran, he has a unique perspective from healing his own PTSD, which allows him to lead others towards healing. Traumatic life events, toxic environments, and lack of self-care, all create mental and spiritual blocks which manifest as pain in the body. By addressing those, not only is their pain relieved but Joshua opens up a whole new life to his clients.

His goal is to provide a lasting cure for chronic pain, not the ‘band-aid’ solutions offered by modern medicine, and give his patients their lives back. Many of his patients are prescribed painkillers that just block pain receptors, where 80% of addicts come from these types of pharmaceuticals. And when they try to come off opioids, it ruins their lives due to the severity of detox symptoms. Joshua is well-equipped to prevent that sad outcome, and help with detox as well, avoiding adding more trauma to an already painful situation.

With his non-invasive methods, Joshua has provided relief to people at a fraction of the cost of modern medicine. Not only does it remove the need for endless cycles of appointments, prescriptions and refills, but his clients can literally get their lives back. Many of his patients discover a life where they can play and run around with their grandkids; moreover, they are amazed to wake up afterwards without discomfort, when previously they couldn’t do any of these activities due to their chronic pains.

His website has multiple video testimonials extolling his healing sessions.His clients come from all manner of backgrounds. His recent clients include a former Navy SEAL suffering from arthritis, a lady with severe back pain due to 5 impacted lumbar spinal vertebrae, and another with severe heart pain. The latter had had multiple heart attacks in her life and was suffering from high cholesterol, with energy levels only a 2/10 as a baseline. Another client was a military analyst who’d spent 4 years in Iraq, dealt with terrorists and who suffered from severe PTSD due to his trauma and depression. Joshua was able to heal every single one of them.

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