Bioseal Inc. Launches BioBlue, a Family of Instruments Designed to Meet the Needs of Sterile Processing Departments

The launch of BioBlue ushers in a new era for sterile processing departments in the healthcare sector as it comprises a set of durable and reliable tools that can easily handle various procedures

Bioseal Inc, a leading provider of surgical supplies, is pleased to announce the release of its new line of single-use instruments dubbed BioBlue which is designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers. BioBlue was built to Biosela’s exact standards and would save healthcare providers from the hassle of transporting, cleaning, and sterilizing instruments from procedural trays.

The BioBlue family of instruments provides a solution for patient care providers requiring durable, reliable tools that can easily handle various procedures, thereby improving room turnover time and increasing throughput. While reprocessing medical instruments may seem like a cost-effective option, reprocessing can often be costly overall due to the costs associated with labor, cleaning equipment, instrument repair, and instrument loss. In contrast, on-demand services made possible by high-quality, sterile instruments can help reduce healthcare costs while providing patients with improved quality of care. 

“We’re always looking at ways to help our customers that run Sterile Processing Departments,” explained Bill Runion, President and CEO of Bioseal Inc. “Sterile Processing and unit managers are under pressure to improve turnover times; having a high-quality, reliable instrument set staff can rely on will save huge amounts of time.”

The BioBlue Instrument family currently includes everyday instruments like tissue forceps and kelly forceps but also features suction tubes made of mailable stainless steel.  High-quality, sterile instruments make economic sense for units like Emergency, Plastics, and Dermatology and provide excellent on-demand service while eliminating the burden of reprocessing.

BioBlue Instruments were meticulously crafted with user-oriented features, such as high functionality, reliability, and enhanced efficiency, in mind. Additionally, these instruments are equipped with a blue ring and insignia, which serve as a prompt for room staff to dispose of or recycle them, ultimately facilitating efficient room turnover for the subsequent procedure. To learn more about BioBlue Instruments, please visit

About Bioseal

Bioseal is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers in reducing patient risk and decreasing costs. The company focuses on assisting Sterile Processing Departments and Operating Room Managers in meeting the constantly evolving demands of their patients. They prioritize customer satisfaction and incorporate quality into every product they create, many of which are inspired by direct customer input.

Based in California. Bioseal’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence enable them to help healthcare providers streamline their operations, minimize labor costs, and deliver superior service to internal teams.

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