Acquisition Of Avant! AI™ And InstantFAME™ Expedites Trend Innovations Holding’s Mission To Exploit A Massive AI Software Market Opportunity ($TREN)

Acquisition Of Avant! AI™ And InstantFAME™  Expedites Trend Innovations Holding's Mission To Exploit A Massive AI Software Market Opportunity ($TREN)

Acquiring Avant! AI™ was more than a timely strategic decision for Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN); it’s a transformative one positioning TREN to tap into a massive AI software market opportunity. And investors are taking an interest. Typically thinly traded, TREN stock has been catching a bid, with volume since the start of April roughly 5X its trailing three-month average. But that number is skewed higher over the past ten days. Before that, the current volume is up to 20X higher than levels posted since the start of 2023.

The invigorated interest in TREN stock is warranted. Since the start of April, TREN announced acquiring two impressive assets, Avant! AI™ and Digital Artwork (InstantFAME™) that expedite its capitalizing on the lucrative revenue-generating opportunities inherent to the AI Machine Learning sectors. Investors are siding with the potential for TREN to monetize these new portfolio technologies sooner than later. They’ve helped send share prices over 27% higher from April lows, currently at $1.34. It’s traded higher. Its high in April is $1.99, and considering TREN is more powerful today from a rev-gen perspective than when it scored that high mark, re-claiming roughly 48% higher prices may be a near-term proposition.

Plenty supports the bullish sentiment.

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Transformative Assets Target Multi-Billion Dollar Markets

Foremost is that its newest assets are excellent value drivers able to meet current demands. Key features of Avant! AI™ includes voice recognition, personalization, multi-lingual support, and easy integration into various devices and systems, from smartphones to smart homes. It was purchased to empower InstantFAME uploading artwork in digital media format, including pictures and videos. Its mission is to enable auction houses that feature artwork, for instance, to more efficiently and precisely authenticate works of art that contribute to transparent purchase and sale. That’s valuable. Remember, in today’s digital age, an increasing amount of art is not tangible; it is created and circulated digitally. Thus, Avant! AI™ is the ideal platform to enhance the InstantFAME applications to manage and supervise its monetizing, cybersecurity, and censuring systems. 

Important to that intent, Avant! AI™ will control pattern recognition censorship technology providing a moral and safe environment for all ages and communities. Additionally, it can support NFT platforms in the future, maintaining data in the blockchain and managing internal application operations. That’s not all. 

Avant! AI™ machine learning technology can identify security requirements, point out cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities, quantify critical threats/vulnerabilities, and prioritize remediation methods. In broad terms, Avant! AI™ is a significant value driver from its position as a business-to-business solution that provides timely technology to companies across the business spectrum, including healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Further, the platform is developed as a software development kit (SDK), allowing third-party developers to integrate Avant! AI™ into their own products and services. That can create multiple revenue streams from a single source, a win-win proposition.

The InstantFAME application is a second acquired assset, expected to be a significant value driver in 2023. It offers users the fun of creating digital artwork and then making it available for purchase by members on the app. The innovative app’s features and technology are available to mobile and web applications, enabling digital ratings and secured sales of digitally-created works of art. An attractive feature is that InstantFAME allows digital artists to post their work, earn followers and likes, and nurture a market to sell their work. Perhaps the most valuable inherent feature is that the platform assigns a monetary value to artwork likes, creating a new methodology to increase its value and enhance the artist’s market reach. Incorporating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will increase the platform’s depth. It’s in the works.

For those unfamiliar, an NFT is anything downloaded, like drawings and music. The distinguishing part is that they are less tangible since they are most commonly digital works of art. Because of that, an NFT is non-interchangeable and stored on a digital ledger using blockchain technology. That creates a need for systems and methods facilitating the secure purchase and sale of digital works of art. The InstantFAME platform does that by enabling content creators to post, price, and sell their digital works of art, gain likes and followers, and, like traditional artists, cultivate a following that can ultimately increase the value of their works. And don’t underestimate the sector opportunity. Companies helping develop it include EBAY (NASDAQ: EBAY), Funko (NasdaqGS: FNKO), Mattel (NYSE: MTL), and Cloudflare (NYSE: NET). They are pouring significant investment into staking their claims ahead of others. Indeed, it’s an area where position can be worth billions. And TREN is making its moves to earn a share.

And while each new asset can facilitate TREN penetrating markets faster, it’s the combined strength putting the company in a position to earn a share of a market expected to be an over one-trillion-dollar one by 2032. Because TREN is focused on leveraging the strength of its entirety of AI software assets, tapping into that potential is in its crosshairs.

Targeting A Current $138 Billion Market Opportunity

Trend Innovations’ timing is excellent. Moreover, its asset portfolio positions them well to expedite its 2023 mission to penetrate a massive global AI market opportunity. The better news is that its combined asset strength and abilities allow that intent to monetize markets across the entirety of the AI landscape. That’s a near-term likelihood, resulting from just its Avant! AI™ already an established and proven AI engine. That positions TREN for appreciable revenue growth this year and could make them attractive to more prominent sector players looking to expedite seizing on their market interests.

Remember, headlines inform of what AI can do. For investors, the opportunities are more closely aligned with those presented by the AI software market, expected to eclipse $ 138.4 billion this year. That’s just one part. Combined market opportunities and the associated revenues are expected to increase substantially, with software upgrades undoubtedly needed to further usher in AI markets. Factoring in that potential, the 2023 opportunities explode to $328 billion. But it’s not expected to stall there.

While the AI software market in play for TREN is substantial today, it’s forecast to get substantially larger, with an expected CAGR of 22% into 2032, putting an over $1.1 trillion market in play within ten years. Proactively, TREN is building its technology arsenal at the right time. And inherent to doing so makes smallcap TREN an AI sector company positioned to deliver large-cap style returns. That’s especially likely with TREN advancing its mission in a red-hot AI sector. And by strengthening an already impressive asset portfolio with platforms at the forefront of machine learning platforms, TREN’s path to creating significant and sustainable shareholder value looks more clear than ever.

Differences Are Advantages In The AI Software Space

Keep this in mind when appraising the TREN value proposition. They didn’t build its impressive revenue-generating arsenal by coincidence; they assembled the pieces, with more expected, to capitalize on massive markets by being different. In this space, that’s also an advantage. And by being unique in addressing specific demands, TREN benefits from platforms that do more than respond to questions about complex situations and provide a range of evidence-based responses and recommendations. Better still, its platforms get smarter by gaining knowledge and expertise by learning from experiences and failures similar to humans.

In other words, an already powerful AI software platform will continue improving, increasing its market reach. Even better, TREN’s technology is available to clients and users 24/7, putting a super-intelligent agent at users’ fingertips anytime, anywhere. And with its platform’s intuitiveness to achieve ‘human objectives,’ that accessible ability can turn client interest into revenues. It’s a significant reason supporting the bullish thesis that TREN can earn its place as a valuable contributor to a global and enormous AI market. But with that acknowledgment, it’s still just one of many.



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