OMOTON Launches Innovative O-Mag DriveSafe Car Phone Mount for the Safest Driving Experience

OMOTON, a leading brand in mobile device accessories, has recently announced the release of its latest product: the O-Mag DriveSafe. This revolutionary new car phone mount features a unique, ultra-secure design with both magnetic and suction-based mounting.

Over the past decade OMOTON has developed a reputation for high-quality mobile device accessories. This latest addition to the lineup promises to change the way people use their phones while driving.

“We believe that the O-Mag DriveSafe will be a game-changer in the mobile accessories market, providing a safer and more convenient driving experience for all,” said the Head Designer for OMOTON. “This is just the first in a series of innovations on the way in the O-Mag product line.”

The O-Mag DriveSafe has been available to purchase since 17th April in the U.S. via Amazon, with availability in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and Turkey on Amazon by the end of April.

Advanced mounting system: secure and convenient

The O-Mag DriveSafe is the first mount of its kind with both a magnet and suction cup design, guaranteeing that your phone stays securely in place while driving. Magnet-only designs provide sufficient grip most of the time, but have limitations due to design and size, especially on bumpy roads. Suction-only mounts are far more powerful, but they’re slightly less convenient and lose grip over time. Combining the two gives the best of both worlds: the power of the suction cup is supported and maintained by the magnets, making it the most reliable phone mount on the market today.

Not only does DriveSafe keep the phone locked in place, it’s also extremely easy to use. The phone can be mounted instantly thanks to its snap-on design, while a simple press of a button releases it. All this can be done with one hand for maximum convenience and safety while driving.

The DriveSafe can be attached directly to iPhones 12 and above or MagSafe cases. All other phone models and types become compatible simply by attaching a metal ring to the phone (ring included with O-Mag DriveSafe).

More to come in the O-Mag series

OMOTON expects to announce further exciting additions to the O-Mag series in the near future, with upcoming releases including selfie sticks and windshield mounts, all featuring the special magnet and suction design.


OMOTON is a leading brand in mobile device accessories. The company has been in business for over a decade and is known for its commitment to quality and innovation.


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