After Shock From Cancer Diagnosis To Healing by Puja A. J. Thomson Offers an Inspired and Practical Approach to Taking Charge of One’s Cancer Journey

AFTER SHOCK offers a radical new paradigm for understanding cancer and empowers patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to take charge of all aspects of their healing journey.

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, but there are currently 18.1 million cancer survivors in the United States whose lives can be eased by understanding what to do and when. To guard against overwhelm, frustration and confusion, author Puja A.J. Thomson presents a step-by-step framework to navigate one’s way through a cancer journey in AFTER SHOCK From Cancer Diagnosis To Healing.

Readers are supported every step of the way – from building a support network and handling medical visits, to developing a comprehensive wellness program and exploring advanced integrative therapies. With helpful advice, readers are empowered to take charge of their decisions at a time when they may feel that their life is out of control.

When I was diagnosed in 2003, I could not find a comprehensive book with answers to my questions and clarity for my journey, so I decided to research and write it!” says author Puja A. J. Thomson. Drawing from personal experience as a cancer survivor and health care professional, Thomson brings years of professional training and practice to help others navigate this difficult and trying journey. Now a multiple-award-winning author, Thomson’s goal in writing and releasing a second revised edition of the book is to share new innovations in cancer treatment and care with a wider audience. “I want to help decrease the fear that goes with the shock of a diagnosis and encourage all readers to trust themselves to make beneficial decisions every step of the way.”

Divided into four parts, AFTER SHOCK … breaks down a cancer journey into simple, chronological steps to lighten the burden of a diagnosis, clarifying options and revealing how a cancer experience can become a pilgrimage for healing.

In Part One, Reach Out—Don’t Go It Alone, Thomson encourages readers to harness the power of a personal and professional support network, overviews types of care and how to make the most of medical appointments. Part Two, Keep Your Sanity—Organize the Paper Trail, offers in-depth guidance on how to organize important paperwork including medical reports, financial and insurance records, legal records and more. Part Three, Reach In—Create Your Own Wellness, draws from both modern and ancient modalities to enhance the healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The book concludes with Part Four, Moving Forward guiding readers through the best practices for care along with a detailed appendix, helpful tools, worksheets and resources. Woven throughout the book are practical stories contributed by cancer patients, offering creative insights and affirming that you are not alone.

Going beyond identifying types of cancers and various treatment options, the book teaches readers to get help from those they trust, but not to abdicate responsibility to anyone. This revolutionary message can build bridges between cancer patients, families, friends, caregivers and the medical community. It can inspire us all to re-envision how we make decisions about healing, so that as a society, we can support and empower anyone entering the world of cancer. 

AFTER SHOCK From Cancer Diagnosis To Healing has been endorsed by renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Sheldon Marc Feldman MD, FACS, Chief, Breast Surgery & Breast Surgical Oncology at Montefiore Medical Center writes, “This book is an excellent roadmap and compass…highly recommended reading for all who wish to actively participate in their healing process.” 

During one of the most challenging times of a person’s life, AFTER SHOCK offers a shoulder to lean on and a beacon of hope, for it is possible to survive cancer, and also grow through it. Available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores, readers who are looking to take charge of all aspects of their cancer experience are encouraged to purchase their copy here today: https://www.rootsnwings/aftershock

About the Author

Puja A. J. Thomson, director of ROOTS & WINGS in New Paltz NY, offers workshops on various health, wellness, and spirituality topics, as well as holistic counseling and interfaith ceremonies, throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley. Born in Scotland, Thomson was educated at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and was a Gulbenkian Fellow at the National Institute of Social Work Training in London.  She has traveled widely in Europe, India and Sri Lanka, where she explored spirituality and meditation.  In 1978, Thomson made the U.S. her home and continued training in massage therapy and hands-on energy healing to expand her understanding of an inclusive holistic approach to life.  In 1994, she was ordained as a Minister of Natural Healing by Rev. Roslyn L. Bruyere in the Healing Light Center Church which honors all pathways to the divine and holds the belief that true healing lies at the crossroads of science and spirituality.  This perspective is reflected in all her writing.

In her most recent book, “Track Your Truth: Discover Your Authentic Self,” Thomson encourages you to use the skills of a detective to discover what is working and what isn’t working in your life. This carefully created, step-by-step book shows you how to follow the clues of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, so that you can focus your own energy, create useful new habits, and live your truth.

Previous works include “My Hope & Focus Cancer Organizer—Manage Your Health and Ease Your Mind,” and “My Health & Wellness Organizer—An Easy Guide to Manage Your Healthcare- – and Your Medical Records.” Thomson also introduced the “Roots & Wings for Strength and Freedom” CD and companion Workbook with music by Richard Shulman.

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