RD REVILO RDR Is The Inspired Blog And Podcast Of RD Revilo As He Aims To Bring Awareness To Conscious Thought

RD REVILO uses his blog and podcast to bring conscious thought and influential minds back to men. He teaches them how to utilize self-control and self-discipline to better themselves.

In modern society, many people tiptoe through life, ignoring the issues surrounding them. Instead of being a voice for change and taking the time to strengthen their mind and consciously think about what to do, they continue as if they don’t see it.  

RD REVILO is dedicated to stopping men from continuing to do this. His blog and podcast bring out these issues in poetic form as he educates and inspires his readers and listeners. He lives by his teachings, openly speaking out about what he believes in and is passionate about. 

The mind of RD REVILO 

RD REVILO doesn’t want to continue to allow men not to show their strength and use it to make significant changes. As a coach, blogger, and podcaster, he brings men’s manhood back to them, one inspirational topic at a time.  

REVILO isn’t afraid to tackle topics other people wouldn’t. He openly discusses the issues with politics, religion, the US, society, etc. Instead of continuing the path many are on to keep their heads down and not see what is happening, REVILO is opening their eyes and teaching them to use conscious thought.  

REVILO refuses to let men keep going without using their minds and strength to stop the corruption and systemic issues in the world. He stresses that, by using conscious thought, it is within the capability of men to rise against those that would silence and control them.  


RD REVILO’s wisdom and skill at inspiring others with his words work together to push for change in the men around him. He is unashamed and unafraid to speak out and be who he is.  

“No solution no plan solve problems you will destroy their money, understand
They need problems to last forever
Like doctors who treat and not cure they want money streaming in forever making them clever.”

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