Discover the best of k-beauty products from LG Beauty during their Amazon Beauty Week

After a big success in March, LG Beauty is launching their second Beauty Week on Amazon to introduce more skincare and beauty products from well-known Korean brands with great discounts.

About LG Beauty

Being proudly a part of LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. (LG H&H), a leading Korean beauty and skincare company, LG Beauty Brands bring effective skincare and products to elevate daily life through patented ingredients and LG’s forefront of science, technology, and expertise.

First LG Beauty Beauty Week on Amazon took place in March and showed a great feedback from customers. So in April LG Beauty’s goal is to introduce more products, some of them just recently launched on Amazon, with a great 25% sale.

Discover these must-haves from LG Beauty Week:

Sooryehan Bon Extra Moisture Skincare gift set

Defying age and beauty through traditional herbal medicinal methods, Sooryehan brand specializes in creating high-quality skincare products to help any type of skin achieve its glowing and ageless potential. 

Their Bon Extra Moisture Skincare gift set is a true luxury skincare collection with fermented Ginseng Extract as the key ingredient. Sooryehan has an exclusive herbal water-drip technology where the whole ginseng plant (roots, stems, leaves) undergoes a 100-hour long extraction process to ensure all actives are potent and retains its full potential. This set includes Bon Extra Moisture Skin Toner and Emulsion Lotion in 2 sizes, Moisture Cream, Firming Eye Cream and Cleansing Foam – all products are designed to keep the skin glowing and protect it from aging and damage.

Isa Knox Age Focus Vital Collagen Skincare Gift Set 

Isa Knox offers a range of skincare and makeup products which provide a solution to the main skin concern for most women – signs of aging. The brand uses natural ingredients and advanced technology to create high-quality products that improve skin quality. The Isa Knox Age Focus Vital Collagen line is formulated with collagen and other key ingredients to target signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loss of firmness.

The Black Serum & Black Ginseng Firming Mask set

One of the recent launches on Amazon is the Black Serum & Black Ginseng Firming Mask set from Sooryehan. This set represents brand’s Black Line collection of products known for special patented ingredients such as Black Exosome, Black Yeast and Black Licorice Complex.

Black Exosome, a bio-formula with over 15 million exosomes which was created using Black Yeast (strains of yeast discovered on the surface of orchid petals), and Black Licorice Complex – the combination of these ingredients deeply moisturize and soothe the skin while helping fade visual signs of aging and regaining the skin radiance. This set contains of luxurious, advanced next generation Black Serum and firming Black Ginseng sheet Mask.

Glint Milky Moon Natural Glow Highlighter Stick 

What makes Glint Highlighters special is that it can be used as a regular highlighter, a blush, or even as an eyeshadow. Milky Moon Natural Glow Highlighter Stick comes in a convenient tube and has a milky color with pink pearls to brighten up any look. The non-sticky silky creamy and lightweight formula melts into the skin and creates this special highlighted and glowy look.

Dr. Groot Microbiome Sensitive20 Scalp Relief Ampoule Shampoo

Since its launch in 2017, Dr. Groot has grown to be Korea’s number 1 premium haircare brand focusing on hair loss remedies. Now it became the nation’s most repurchased haircare brand for 4th year in a row.  Dr. Groot Microbiome Sensitive20 Scalp Relief Ampoule Shampoo with a fresh peppermint scent is a scalp care shampoo which is perfect for those with a sensitive scalp. Formulated with cica and cypress to sooth sensitive and irritated scalp, just in 7 days it helps to relieve irritation and redness with 7 probiotics formula that helps the scalp regain its healthy state.


Represented by leading Korean beauty and skincare brands, LG Beauty is launching their second Beauty Week on Amazon, featuring a 25% discount on its top brands and newly launched products. The LG Beauty Week on Amazon will run from April 17 to April 23, 2023, and will offer customers the opportunity to save on their favorite LG Beauty skincare and beauty products.

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