Workiz Is Teaching The Ins And Outs Of The Junk Removal Business

The Workiz Junk Removal Academy teaches junk removal companies everything they need to know about this business. These resources help build and grow junk removal businesses, giving them the help they need to succeed.

No matter how large or small a junk removal business is, there are always new things for them to learn and work on that can help them grow and be more successful. This niche industry doesn’t have many resources to aid owners and managers, and many online academies and classes are generalized for any business. That means they don’t take into account the specifics of junk removal businesses and what they need.  

The Workiz Junk Removal Academy is working to change that. This online resource is packed with information and training explicitly aimed at junk removal businesses. From customer relationship management to licensing and insurance, Workiz is tackling everything needed to create and grow a junk removal business.  

What the Workiz Junk Removal Academy will provide  

The Workiz Junk Removal Academy consists of three main topics: Business Setup, Marketing, and Business Operations. Each of these topics has numerous classes that will each provide a deep dive into a specific piece of that item.  

Business Setup is the first set of classes that one should take if this is for a new company. This resource currently has a course for basic business structure but will be adding numerous others. When this piece of the academy is complete, it will teach business owners how to manage the licensing and permits they will need, how to set up and maintain bank accounts for the business, what insurance to obtain and how to get it, and even what equipment, vehicles, and dumpsters the company will need to get started.  

Marketing is all about growing the client list and revenue of a junk removal business. This section currently has information on branding the new or existing company and how to get a logo that sets that company apart. Topics that are soon to be added include how to set up the website, both online and offline marketing, and uniforms.  

Finally, business operations really get into the day-to-day needs of a junk removal business. Back-end operations and phone systems are the current classes, but Workiz will be adding junk and trash management, safety and legal, trucks and equipment, and employees.  


Each piece of the Workiz Junk Removal Academy provides a crucial part of the overall education and knowledge needed to create, run, and grow a successful junk removal business. With a variety of online classes already available and more to come, a business owner or manager can get all the help they need to have a profitable company without the need to attend an in-person school or seminar.  

Whether one is looking to start a new junk removal business or grow and expand an existing one, the Workiz Junk Removal Academy is a crucial resource filled with detailed and valuable information.  

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