Local Seattle Artist Uncle Phil Overcomes Adversity And Makes an Impact in Music Industry

Uncle Phil The Real is a rising hip-hop artist who is determined to make a name for himself in the competitive world of music. Despite facing adversity, including the loss of his sister and his family’s struggles with addiction, he has used these experiences to fuel his growth and become successful. Now, he is making waves in the industry with monthly single releases and plans to promote shows in Seattle.

The journey of Uncle Phil The Real has been anything but easy. He has gone through numerous challenges throughout life; however, he has taken these hardships in his stride and used them as motivation to reach success. In spite of this, he never lost focus on perfecting his craft which includes both music production and marketing aspects of today’s music industry. He spends significant amounts of time studying different aspects of the industry, such as artists’ promotion and how to best connect with fans.

This is a particularly exciting time for Philian as he released his singles starting late last year and has already gained over 30K views on YouTubeTM and  20K on SpotifyTM . What makes this noteworthy is that his popularity on these platforms rose due to organic, word-of-mouth channels.

Uncle Phil is making a big move to Los Angeles for a job making more money than he’s ever made before bringing his budget sky high. He  has crafted an innovative plan to bring stars to Seattle and Los Angeles and create an experience that will be shared with a wider audience. His plan involves charging a flat rate for stars to come and perform with Uncle Phil opening up for them. In addition, he plans on holding weekly contests to find other opening acts, while profiting from the final slots. To make the experience even more accessible and shareable, Uncle Phil intends to turn it into a magazine and YouTubeTM  channel platform that showcases interviews and behind-the-scenes content of some of Seattle’s best artists.

Uncle Phillip isn’t someone just talking big words or putting up outward appearances; his passion is real and evident through each musical piece he creates which makes him stand out amongst others in his genre. His goal remains focused on having everyone involved benefit from such an incredible opportunity – both performers & viewers alike.

To learn more about Uncle Phil, visit his website at https://unclephiltherealone.Wordpress.com or https://instagram.com/unclephiljamesavery.


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