Half a year after the release of the world’s first web3 phone METAVERTU, Saga finally welcomed its release

Solana Saga, the highly anticipated Android phone closely integrated with the Solana blockchain, has finally been released on April 14th, with a public sale set for May 8th. The phone, which was introduced by Solana CEO Anatoly Yakovenko in June 2022, has been in the works for some time, and its release has generated a buzz in both the web3 and mobile industries.

Despite the excitement, some media outlets have reported that the Saga’s multiple price drops have caused concern, with Solana risking the loss of trust if it fails to meet its May 8th release date. Furthermore, even if it does go on sale as planned, the Saga may still be considered the “world’s second web3 phone” behind VERTU’s METAVERTU, which was released in October 2022 as the world’s first web3 phone.

As a luxury mobile phone brand, VERTU‘s METAVERTU stands out with its lavish materials and unique web3 system, which allows users to switch between Android and web3 with a single tap. The phone boasts 10 terabytes of distributed storage space, and upgraded encryption technology, and has already sold out due to high demand.

While Solana may lack some of the hardware specs of the METAVERTU, the Solana Saga offers a mature mobile wallet adapter technology and a broad customer base. The phone is primarily built around the Solana blockchain, while the METAVERTU supports multiple blockchains, giving users more choices. Both phones have developed DApps that enable users to take photos and generate NFTs.

In terms of security, Solana uses the “Seed Vault” protocol to ensure a secure environment for the phone, while METAVERTU features international financial-grade security chips to protect against digital asset leaks.

Price-wise, the Solana Saga offers a more affordable entry-level price point of $1000 compared to the METAVERTU’s starting price of $3350. For web3 enthusiasts on a budget, the Solana Saga is a compelling option, while those seeking top-of-the-line hardware and performance may prefer the higher-priced METAVERTU.

Overall, both the Solana Saga and the METAVERTU represent exciting developments in the web3 mobile phone industry. As consumers, we hope to see more innovative experiences and cutting-edge web3 technology from mobile phone manufacturers in the future.

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