Discusses What Business Leaders Need to Know about Cloud Identity Management Discusses What Business Leaders Need to Know about Cloud Identity Management

In the early days of cloud computing, many businesses and individuals assumed that security would be a constant issue since data is hosted through the internet instead of through physical hardware. They recognized that more convenient access and credentialing could breed an attitude of complacency and subsequent data breaches. Instead, cybersecurity experts have developed a growing collection of new ways to protect digital information. Cloud identity management is one of the most important of them.

What Is Cloud Identity Management?

Cloud identity management refers to the process of moving authorizations and authentication procedures to the cloud. Some people erroneously think of it as a simple web app single-sign-on solution. However, according to, modern cloud identity management actually represents a shift of the entire identity infrastructure from physical devices to the cloud.

IDaaS Solutions

As more companies have been making the switch to Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, it has created the need for additional authentication solutions. Some in the industry refer to them as IDaaS. Companies like Omada specialize in providing Identity Governance SaaS solutions that meet modern businesses’ security, compliance, and efficiency needs.

Benefits of IDaaS

Of course, that’s not All You Need To Know About Cloud Identity Management. Business leaders and decision-makers also need to understand the benefits of this unique service model. They include:

The ability to add connections in real-time

Easy subscription-based fee structures

Automated provisioning and authentication

Automated data backups

Safe, secure access from any internet-capable device

When businesses work with specialized IDaaS providers, they get all of that and more. These solutions are designed for efficient integration, with some able to be deployed in just 12 weeks. Businesses that choose a reliable cloud identity management company will also get access to a host of resources, from webinars and e-books to direct assistance from experienced customer service reps. Just be sure to choose the best site to look for IDaaS providers.

Consequences of Inadequate Security

The benefits of IDaaS described above should make it clear that all enterprise-level businesses should be employing advanced cloud identity management solutions. However, not everyone has been won over yet. Some business leaders still don’t understand the potential consequences of failing to ensure adequate security when they switch to the cloud.

Unfortunately, data breaches are common among companies that don’t take security seriously. Some occur as a result of network breaches while others are the result of account hijacking. Insider threats can also play a role in compromising the security of cloud-based applications.

When companies experience data theft, leakage, and loss, it can have serious consequences. Depending on the nature of the data and the scope of the breach, they may face fines or legal issues. Even in the absence of these official sanctions, reputational damage will take its toll.

Cloud Identity Management Is An Essential Part of Cybersecurity

While cloud identity management won’t eliminate 100% of the threats associated with moving to the cloud, it is an integral part of modern cybersecurity. Companies shouldn’t leave this important issue up to chance. They are encouraged to find reputable IDaaS providers that can help.


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