Mango Animate Uses Its Character Maker to Encourage Creative Ideas

Mango Animate Uses Its Character Maker to Encourage Creative Ideas
With Mango Character Maker, the cartoon character can play more naturally and logically.
With the help of the cutting-edge character animation program Mango Character Maker, users can quickly and easily make animated characters that are dynamic and compelling. A character editor, rigging tool, collection of accessories, premade bone templates, audio and video files, and premade motions are just a few of the included features.

The list of animation software companies has been growing, offering users a unique yet inspiring way of creating characters to level up their content. A good-quality character animation maker is an important tool for animators. Mango Animate’s character maker is well-known as Mango Character Maker, aka Mango CM, which lets everyone create pro-level animated characters in no time.

Mango Character Maker turns static PNG and PSD images into realistic animated characters in minutes. Users just need to import their images, add the necessary bone structure, modify the poses, and add animations. In addition, it includes a sizable library of various attire, accessories, facial features, and other accessories that can be used to transform the characters into imagined ones. These are pre-rigged and ready to be animated.

Besides providing convenient bone templates, another feature of this character maker is character customization. If an animator chooses to create a character from scratch using an imported image, they can add the required bones to the character.

Using Mango CM, animators can alter the color of a character’s skin, facial features, and other body parts. In addition, users are able to personalize their characters by importing unique assets into the character maker. By taking advantage of premade animations inclusive of dynamic facial expressions and body movements, they have access to sizable accessory collection that lets them quickly change the character’s attire and add new accessories. It’s a faster way of learning to use a character maker to animate the characters, simply dragging and dropping the motion templates onto the timeline.

Additionally, users are allowed to import music and video tracks using the character maker. The tracks can be matched to the character’s motions by animators. The Inverse Kinematic (IK) feature makes character poses and motions more fluid and organic.

“This character maker is very useful for anyone looking to add a little more spice to their online videos for marketing campaigns,” says Winston Zhang, the CEO of Mango Animate. 

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