S39 Global Pushes Across Industries with its Tokenization Project

S39 Global Pushes Across Industries with its Tokenization Project
Revolutionary community-driven Blockchain solutions provider, S39 Global, expands to more industries to enable individuals and businesses to enjoy the benefits of tokenization.

The S39 Global team might just be rewriting the history books in the crypto and Blockchain world, judging by the range of solutions offered by the company. S39 Global aims to bridge the gap between crypto and commodities, with the community-driven S39 token at the center of the company’s project. In a related development, S39 Global has entered an NFT partnership, amidst plans to implement several groundbreaking initiatives in the coming years.

Crypto has evolved over the past decade and the increasing emergence of several Blockchain-backed solutions has further opened the space for businesses and individuals worldwide. However, the incomprehensive nature of most of the available platforms and tools continues to frustrate crypto enthusiasts across the globe. Consequently, S39 Global is looking to create an all-inclusive crypto ecosystem, using a utility token to facilitate transactions across industries, including real estate, mineral and mining, agriculture, and e-commerce among others.

The S39 token is backed by gold, community, and technology, making it lucrative for forward-thinking investors. S39 Global currently mines in agriculture, minerals, and e-commerce, with real estate, and carbon to be added soon.

The S39 Global NFT was created to enable people to join the S39 partnership program as well as exchange their S39 tokens to become part of any of the Real-world commodity projects. The NFTs are backed by their respective projects.

S39 Global has also announced plans to implement several initiatives between 2023 and 2025 to ensure the success of all stakeholders. Other parts of the S39 Global ecosystem are the Findexx.net digital asset management platform and a robust Blockchain business community.

To learn more about the S39 Global project and its fantastic features for crypto lovers worldwide, visit – https://testnet.s39global.com/.

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