Introducing COKIT T05, an innovative Two-Mode Insect Trap

COKIT, a pest control company with more than 20 years of experience, today announced COKIT T05, an innovative two-mode insect indoor trap. COKIT provide more efficient and safe solution to get rid of mosquitoes and bugs in your home with its advanced technology.

For the new insect trap, COKIT employs cutting-edge technology that surpasses traditional light beads with its distinctive UV LED light that includes a gold light-emitting chip. This advanced function provides an exceptional bug-catching experience, with a luminosity span of up to 10,000 hours. The new indoor fly trap can handle a range of 220-320 square feet effectively. Especially, there are two operating modes available with T05, which work together to safeguard your home from pesky mosquitoes, fruit flies, and other unwanted flying insects. While the mos mode is comparable to other products on the market, the bug mode is even more effective than similar options.

The pest trap has further technical parameters, which are outlined below:

  • Voltage and amperage required to operate is DC5V,1A
  • Power requirement is 5W
  • Features one brush

How it works

The COKIT pest trap boasts an unmatched 3-step insect trapping mechanism:

Step1, its cutting-edge LED light, featuring a luminous medium made of gold, emits a distinctive pink-purple glow that effectively lures flying insects.

Step2, the device’s powerful fan generates a robust wind flow that draws nearby insects into the machine, propelling them towards the anti-escape net’s lower section.

Step3, the insects are sucked into the fly trap’s base, where they adhere to the adhesive plate, dehydrate, and perish.

Price and Availability

The new indoor insect trap T05 is available today in the United States on Amazon and www. Check them out now. COKIT looks forward to adding more products to the COKIT insect indoor trap family in the future.


COKIT is a company with over 20 years of experience in pest control. COKIT has evolved its approach from using chemical-based solutions to physical ones. This shift has led to the development of a safe and efficient pest trap that is perfect for families who are eager to a more healthier and eco-friendly life. COKIT is dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to its clients. Each new product undergoes extensive quality control testing and months of research in their cutting-edge laboratory to ensure that their insect traps are effective in controlling pests. COKIT’s unwavering commitment to excellence makes them the ideal choice for all your pest control requirements.

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