Miracles From Heaven, A Book That Shed Lights On The Existence Of Afterlife And Eternal Love, By Walter Hanna

Miracles From Heaven, A Book That Shed Lights On The Existence Of Afterlife And Eternal Love, By Walter Hanna

Believe it or not, miracles happen everywhere!

Miracles from Heaven will transport you to the next realm of existence and demonstrate not only the existence of an afterlife but also that our love and soul continue to exist even after we pass away from this world physically.

The insightful nonfiction book demonstrates the power of eternal love through “three divine angelic letters” from heaven. These letters are proof of the afterlife and the infinite journey our souls will go through after leaving our bodies.

You will get to know Susie, the love of the author whom she lost in an unfortunate car incident in 1969. You will discover how Susie communicated with Walter after 47 years of her departure to the heavens. Her angelic letter will show her and their stillborn blessed child’s eternal love for Walter.

You will also discover Kaye, who came into Walter’s life after Susie and quickly became the reason for his simple. She became his beloved wife but unfortunately died from cancer in 2012, leaving Walter alone and depressed until the day he discovered her two angelic letters 07 years after her death. The two letters beautifully narrate a mother’s voice for her two children and Walter, proving that she has always been there, even after leaving them physically.

These three angelic letters in Miracles from Heaven are proof of the Afterlife and our infinite soul. You can read these letters sent by two unique heavenly souls who once lived and have a special place in Walter’s heart.

These letters will take you to a place humanity has been searching for centuries. It will prove God’s existence and allow you to strengthen your faith.

You’ll realize that our dear loved ones who have departed for God’s Kingdom can still return to us and bring us support, love, and wisdom—just as the Holy Bible proves.

Miracles from Heaven will give you the answers you need and demonstrate that love does not end when a person dies; instead, it transforms into immortality as a result of the Afterlife. 

Book Name: Miracles from Heaven
Author Name: Walter Hanna
ISBN Number: 978-1915852724
Ebook Version: Click Here
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