Spend Logic Announces New Cost Analysis Module

Spend Logic Announces New Cost Analysis Module

SpendLogic is proud to announce its collaboration with Lockheed Martin to introduce a groundbreaking TurboTax-inspired solution for cost analysis reporting. This new module streamlines the process of creating Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-compliant cost analysis reports, making it more accessible and efficient for companies of all sizes.

Since 2001, SpendLogic has been a trusted partner in conducting cost analysis for major Primes in the defense industry. By leveraging over two decades of experience and best practices, this innovative module standardizes the cost analysis process across the board.

SpendLogic’s solution is ideal for companies that produce a limited number of analysis reports annually. Its step-by-step guidance simplifies the process, allowing anyone with a procurement background to generate FAR-compliant cost analysis reports with ease.

Large multinational defense contractors also stand to benefit from significant improvements in cost analysis lead times. SpendLogic’s module features built-in workflows that enable users to delegate various elements of the cost analysis to colleagues within their organization. The platform’s Request for Information (RFI) module further streamlines communication by facilitating the tracking of supplier questions and responses.

One of the most challenging aspects of cost analysis reporting for companies of all sizes is the analysis of rates and factors. SpendLogic’s innovative rate modules simplify this process, enabling users to update rates with just a few simple inputs. With SpendLogic, tasks that once took several days to complete can now be accomplished in just ten minutes.

The Cost Analysis module launched to Beta Testers April 1st and will be available for wide distribution by July.

For more information about SpendLogic and its revolutionary cost analysis module, please visit https://spendlogic.com/costanalysis/.

About SpendLogic:

SpendLogic is a leading provider of cost analysis solutions for the defense industry. Since 2001, the company has been successfully conducting cost analysis for large Primes, helping businesses streamline their cost analysis reporting processes and maintain compliance with federal regulations.

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