Launches Innovative Platform to Assist International Job Seekers Finding Job Opportunities in the US Launches Innovative Platform to Assist International Job Seekers Finding Job Opportunities in the US has launched new services to assist international job seekers in finding job opportunities in the United States. The founder, Eve Levi, created the platform to address the challenges she faced while seeking employment opportunities in the US. The platform connects future relocators with job opportunities in the US while streamlining the job searching process for international candidates.

To enhance user experience, has launched a free USA work visa eligibility checker, a Visa Getter, and all-inclusive USA immigration legal services. These services include consultations, filling out petitions and forms for any visa, making it a one-stop-shop for all immigration-related services. The free USA work visa eligibility checker is a valuable tool that helps users determine if they are eligible for work visas in the US and which visa they should consider applying for. The Visa Getter provides comprehensive databases of H-1B, H2-A, H-2B, J-1, and green card sponsors, giving users access to an extensive array of work visa alternatives.

As part of our commitment to facilitating the relocation of international professionals to the US, we have partnered with an international healthcare agency to provide our healthcare candidates with a streamlined immigration process. By doing so, we aim to mitigate the shortage of healthcare employees in the US while enabling healthcare professionals to pursue their career goals in the country. If you are a healthcare professional seeking employment in the US, please submit your information on our website,

Furthermore, we have also launched a special offer exclusively for successful IT specialists, allowing them to submit their resumes to 10 US companies and increase their chances of securing a job before the next H1-B lottery.

Additionally, recognizing the challenges faced by international students in the US, we have created a special offer granting lifetime access to our services for a reduced rate. We hope to provide students with the resources they need to secure employment opportunities and achieve their professional goals in the US. has listed over 7,000 professional and unskilled jobs and gained over 12,000 social media subscribers and over 90,000 website visitors within three months of its launch. The platform is open to collaboration with interested organizations, investors, and HR professionals to expand and improve its services.

Overall, is a valuable resource for anyone looking to relocate to the United States. Its range of services and user-friendly interface make it an ideal platform for job seekers and anyone needing US work visa-related services. With the help of partnerships and support from the community, the platform will continue to grow and make a real difference in the lives of immigrants seeking to build a better future in the United States. Visit their website at to learn more.

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