ElectriZap Reviews: Is ElectriZap A Legit Bug Zapper In The United States? – Does ElectriZap Really Work? (Price, Amazon, Reddit, Pros and Cons)

ElectriZap Reviews: Is ElectriZap A Legit Bug Zapper In The United States? - Does ElectriZap Really Work? (Price, Amazon, Reddit, Pros and Cons)

Summer in the United States is a time of joy and excitement as people flock outdoors to enjoy the warm weather and engage in various activities. However, along with the sunny days and pleasant evenings, summer also brings its fair share of nuisances, particularly in the form of bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying pests can quickly turn a delightful outdoor experience into a bothersome one. Their incessant buzzing, itchy bites, and potential health risks can dampen the summer spirit and disrupt outdoor gatherings, camping trips, and backyard barbecues.

Fortunately, there is a solution to combat these pesky bugs and reclaim your summer enjoyment. Introducing ElectriZap, one of the most affordable and powerful bug zapper devices available in the United States this summer. Designed to provide effective bug control, ElectriZap offers a reliable and efficient way to keep your outdoor spaces bug-free, allowing you to make the most of your time under the sun.

ElectriZap is equipped with advanced features that make it stand out among other bug zappers. Its innovative design utilizes safe-for-humans purple light emission, which has been scientifically proven to attract a wide range of bugs and pests. With a high voltage core, ElectriZap ensures that any mosquito or bug that comes in contact with it is swiftly and effectively zapped, eliminating the annoyance and potential health risks associated with these insects. Importantly, ElectriZap’s high voltage core is entirely harmless for pets and children, providing peace of mind for families enjoying outdoor activities.

Not only does Electri Zap Bug Light Zapper excel in its bug-zapping capabilities, but it also offers additional features that enhance its usability and convenience. The device includes a built-in powerful flashlight, serving as a versatile tool for outdoor adventures. With multiple brightness modes and over 20 hours of light on a single charge, ElectriZap’s flashlight provides illumination when needed, whether it’s for camping trips, evening walks, or emergencies.

Furthermore, ElectriZap Bug Light Zapper prioritizes noise-free operation, ensuring a quiet and undisturbed environment. Unlike traditional bug killers that emit loud zapping sounds, ElectriZap’s silent operation allows you to use it anywhere at any time without causing any disturbance. Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful evening on your patio, relaxing in your bedroom, or working in your office, ElectriZap quietly and efficiently eliminates bugs without interrupting your activities.

In addition to its performance and convenience, Electri Zap is also committed to safety and environmental consciousness. The device does not use any harmful chemicals, fumes, or contraptions that could pose risks to you or the planet. By opting for Electri Zap, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a safe and eco-friendly solution for bug control.

This summer, don’t let bugs and mosquitoes ruin your outdoor experience. With ElectriZap, you can effectively keep these pesky creatures at bay and enjoy the best of the season. Its affordability, power, and versatility make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking an efficient bug zapper device in the United States. Experience bug-free bliss with Electri Zap Bug Light Bulb and embrace the true essence of summer.

What Is ElectriZap?

The Electrizap is a revolutionary device which combines bug-zapper and camping lantern, offering the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to enjoy bug-free evenings throughout the United States. This portable device is designed to provide effective mosquito control while also serving as a reliable light source during your outdoor adventures. Its lightweight, waterproof, and weather-resistant features make it an ideal companion for various outdoor settings, including patios, backyards, RV trips, and camping excursions.

The Electrizap is a remarkable innovation that serves as a dual-function combination bug-zapper and camping lantern. This versatile device is specifically designed for outdoor use, providing a practical solution to two common outdoor concerns.

First and foremost, the Electrizap Light functions as a bug-zapper, effectively eliminating bothersome and potentially harmful mosquitoes from your outdoor spaces. Equipped with specially designed bulbs, this device covers an impressive area of 16′ x 16′, ensuring a comfortable bug-free zone. Say goodbye to the annoyance and health risks associated with mosquitoes, as the Electrizap Light offers a safe and efficient alternative to traditional bug control methods.

In addition to its bug-zapping capabilities, the Electrizap serves as a reliable camping lantern, illuminating your surroundings during evening hours. Its portable and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and transport, allowing you to enjoy well-lit environments wherever your outdoor adventures take you. Whether you’re exploring a campsite, relaxing on a patio, or embarking on an RV trip, this versatile device ensures that you have ample lighting for your convenience and safety.

The Electrizap is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor environments. Its waterproof and weather-resistant features guarantee optimal performance, even in rain or high humidity conditions. You can rely on the durability and functionality of this device, knowing that it will continue to provide effective bug-zapping and lighting capabilities regardless of the weather.

Thanks to the convenient hanging hook built into the base of the Electrizap, you have the flexibility to hang it anywhere you need. Whether it’s on tree branches, tent poles, or patio hooks, you can easily position the device at an ideal height and location for maximum bug-zapping effectiveness and light coverage.

With the Electrizap, you no longer need to rely on stinky and toxic bug sprays or deal with smoky coils that can be inconvenient and unpleasant. This innovative device offers a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to keep your outdoor spaces free from mosquitoes, providing you with a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment.

Overall, the Electrizap Light is a dual-function combination bug-zapper and camping lantern. Its portable, lightweight, waterproof, and weather-resistant design, along with the ability to hang it anywhere using the built-in hanging hook, make it a perfect companion for outdoor patios, backyards, RVs, and camping trips. By effectively clearing a 16′ x 16′ area of annoying and dangerous mosquitoes, this device ensures a bug-free zone, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without the need for traditional bug control methods.

Features And Benefits Of ElectriZap 

ElectriZap is a versatile and effective bug control solution that offers a range of features to keep you protected from pesky insects. Let’s explore the various features of ElectriZap in detail:

  • Electric Bug Zapper: ElectriZap utilizes a powerful electric grid to zap and eliminate mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and even no-see-ums. It attracts insects using safe-for-humans purple light, drawing them towards the electric grid where they are efficiently trapped and zapped. This chemical-free approach ensures a safe and non-toxic bug control solution for you and your family.
  • Safe-for-Humans Purple Light: The purple light emitted by ElectriZap is specifically designed to be safe for humans while effectively attracting insects. This means you can enjoy the bug control benefits without worrying about any harm to yourself or your loved ones.
  • Plug and Play Convenience: ElectriZap is designed for easy and hassle-free use. Simply plug it into a power source, and it’s ready to go. No complicated setup or installation is required, making it a convenient choice for immediate bug control.
  • Dual Functionality: In addition to its bug-zapping capabilities, ElectriZap features a super bright lamp that serves as a flashlight and camping light. This versatile functionality makes it a valuable companion for outdoor activities, providing you with reliable lighting when needed.
  • Chemical-Free Solution: Unlike traditional bug sprays or insect repellents that often contain chemicals, ElectriZap offers a chemical-free solution. This means you can enjoy bug control without exposing yourself or the environment to harmful substances.
  • Safe for Indoor Use: ElectriZap is safe for use indoors, allowing you to create a bug-free zone in your home. Its electric grid is designed with safety in mind, featuring protective grills that prevent accidental contact while allowing insects to pass through.
  • Portable And Lightweight Design: Designed with portability in mind, the Electri Zap Light is lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip or simply spending time in your backyard, this device can be conveniently transported to provide bug-free and well-lit environments wherever you go. Its compact size allows for effortless storage and ensures that it won’t take up much space in your backpack or storage area.
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant: The Electrizap Bug Light Zapper is built to withstand various outdoor conditions. Its waterproof and weather-resistant construction ensures that the device remains functional even in challenging environments. Whether it’s a sudden rain shower or high humidity, this bug-zapper and camping lantern will continue to deliver effective mosquito control and reliable lighting.
  • Convenient Hanging Hook: Featuring a built-in hanging hook on the base, the Electrizap Light can be easily suspended from various structures, such as tree branches, tents, or patio hooks. This versatility allows you to position the device at an optimal height and location to maximize its bug-zapping capabilities and provide ample light coverage.
  • Mosquito-Free Outdoor Spaces: The Electrizap Mosquito Killer employs advanced bug-zapping technology to create a comfortable and bug-free zone. With each bulb covering an impressive 16′ x 16′ area, it efficiently eliminates annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes, ensuring a pleasant outdoor experience. Say goodbye to bothersome bug sprays or smoky coils that often come with unpleasant odors or toxins.
  • Built-In Powerful Flashlight: In addition to its bug zapping capabilities, ElectriZap Bug Zapper Light serves as a super-bright LED flashlight. This built-in flashlight provides a convenient light source that can be hung or carried, adding versatility to the device. With over 20 hours of light on a single charge, the flashlight ensures long-lasting illumination. It also offers three brightness modes, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs.
  • 100% Noise-Free Operation: Unlike some other bug killers on the market, ElectriZap Bug Zapper operates with absolute silence. This means you can use it anywhere, anytime, without worrying about causing any disturbance or noise. Whether you’re relaxing indoors, enjoying outdoor activities, or using it while camping, the noise-free operation of ElectriZap ensures a peaceful and undisturbed environment.
  • 100% Safe for You and the Planet: ElectriZap prioritizes your safety and environmental sustainability. It does not rely on any chemicals, fumes, or contraptions that can be harmful to you or the environment. By using the power of purple light attraction and the high voltage core, it offers a safe and effective bug control solution without the need for toxic substances. ElectriZap Mosquito Killer is designed to be eco-friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy a bug-free environment while minimizing your impact on the planet.

Pros and Cons of ElectriZap

Pros: (ElectriZap Review)

  • Highly Effective Bug Zapper: ElectriZap utilizes a combination of purple light emission and high voltage core to attract and eliminate bugs effectively, providing you with a bug-free environment.
  • Safe for Humans and Pets: The high voltage core of ElectriZap is designed to be completely harmless to humans and pets, ensuring their safety while effectively zapping bugs.
  • Easy to Clean: The bug zapper features an easy-to-clean tray that collects dead mosquitoes and insects, making maintenance and cleanup a breeze.
  • Dual Functionality: ElectriZap doubles as a powerful flashlight, offering versatility and convenience for outdoor activities and emergencies.
  • Noise-Free Operation: Unlike other bug killers, ElectriZap operates silently, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere without causing any disturbance.
  • Chemical-Free and Eco-Friendly: ElectriZap does not rely on chemicals or emit any fumes, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for bug control.
  • 30 Days Return And Refund Policy: If you aren’t satisfied with your Electric Zap device, you can return it and request for refund or replacement within a period of thirty days which starts counting on the day your order arrives.

Cons: (ElectriZap Review)

  • Limited Availability: ElectriZap is currently only available for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer, limiting its accessibility through retail channels.
  • Online Purchase Only: As of now, ElectriZap can only be purchased online, which may not be preferred by individuals who prefer traditional in-store shopping.
  • Limited Reviews: Since ElectriZap is a relatively new product, there may be limited customer reviews and feedback available for reference.

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Does ElectriZap Really Work As Advertised?

In the United States, there are numerous kinds of bug zapping devices. However, more than 90% of these bug killing devices do not work as advertised. But that’s not the case with ElectriZap. ElectriZap is seen by some of the customers as the ultimate Bug Zapper for tackling mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and even those elusive no-see-ums. This innovative bug repellent lamp combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to provide you with a safe and effective bug control solution.

With ElectriZap, you can bid farewell to those pesky mosquito bites and annoying bug allergies throughout the United States. It harnesses the power of safe-for-humans purple light to attract insects, drawing them towards its electric grid where they are zapped and eliminated. This non-toxic approach ensures a chemical-free bug control solution, making it safe for both you and the environment.

But that’s not all – ElectriZap Bug Zapper goes beyond bug control. It features a super bright lamp that serves as a flashlight and camping light, making it an essential companion for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness, camping under the stars, or simply enjoying your patio, ElectriZap Bug Zapper provides the dual functionality of bug control and convenient lighting in one device.

Easy to use, simply plug and play the ElectriZap Bug Zapper to experience its bug-zapping power and versatile lighting features. It’s designed to be a must-have device for the outdoors, ensuring your safety and comfort wherever you go.

Don’t let mosquitoes and other flying insects ruin your outdoor experience. Embrace the power of ElectriZap – the electric bug repellent lamp that keeps you protected from nasty mosquito bites, pesky bug allergies, while also providing you with a reliable flashlight and camping light. As long as you’re residing in the United States, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs, thanks to ElectriZap Bug Zapper!

How Does ElectriZap Work? 

ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb employs an effective mechanism to keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay, offering you a bug-free and comfortable environment. Understanding how it works can help you appreciate its bug control capabilities:

  • Attracts Bugs Using purple Light Emission: ElectriZap utilizes a purple light emission that emits a 365 NM wavelength UV light. This specific wavelength has been scientifically proven to attract a wide range of bugs and pests. By mimicking the natural light sources that insects are naturally drawn to, ElectriZap effectively lures them towards the device.
  • Zaps Bugs with High Voltage Core: Equipped with a safe and covered high voltage core, ElectriZap ensures the elimination of mosquitoes and bugs that come into contact with it. The high voltage core delivers a swift and efficient electric shock, instantly neutralizing the insects. Importantly, this high voltage core is designed to be completely harmless to pets and kids, providing a safe bug control solution for your entire family.
  • Collects Dead Insects in an Easy-to-Clean Tray: As the mosquitoes and insects are zapped, they are collected in a dedicated compartment within the device. This easy-to-clean tray allows for convenient removal of the dead bugs and insects, ensuring that the device remains ready for the next use. Regular cleaning of the tray maintains the device’s effectiveness and hygiene.

By combining the attraction power of purple light emission, the efficient zapping capabilities of the high voltage core, and the easy-to-clean tray for collecting dead insects, ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb Zapper offers a comprehensive solution for keeping bugs and mosquitoes away.

How To Use ElectriZap?

Operating with user-friendly simplicity, the Electrizap Bug Bulb Light ensures effortless bug control while prioritizing safety and convenience. Designed to be harmless to humans, this device eliminates the need for chemical-based bug sprays, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitivities. Whether you choose to place it on a flat surface or hang it up high, the versatility of the Electrizap allows you to create a bug-free environment with ease.

To begin using the Electrizap, simply charge the device until the green light indicator signals a full charge. With the device charged and ready, turn the rotary switch until you hear a reassuring ‘click,’ signaling the activation of the LED light. The purple hue of the LED acts as a powerful attractant for bugs and insects, enticing them towards the central electric coil. Once lured in, these pests meet their demise.

Safety is a top priority with the Electrizap Light. It features a double protective grid that prevents accidental contact and ensures the device remains child-friendly. The grid is designed to be wide enough to allow insects to pass through while keeping children safe from harm. This thoughtful design element provides peace of mind for families with young children.

Allowing the Electrizap Mosquito Zapper Light to operate for a minimum of two hours will effectively clear your personal space from mosquitoes and other flying insects. By attracting and neutralizing these pests, the device creates a comfortable bug-free zone for your outdoor activities. With its safe and easy operation, the Electrizap Bug Bulb Light Zapper offers a hassle-free bug control solution.

Overall, the Electri Zap offers an elaborately designed bug control solution that prioritizes user safety and convenience. Its chemical-free operation, attractive purple LED light, and effective electric coil ensure an efficient elimination process for bugs and insects. By following simple usage instructions and allowing the device to operate for a sufficient period, you can enjoy a mosquito-free environment and outdoor tranquility. Trust in the Electrizap Light for safe and effortless bug control without the need for chemicals or complex procedures.

How Effective Is The Electrizap Bug Light Bulb?

The Electrizap demonstrates exceptional effectiveness when it comes to insect control. Its ingenious design capitalizes on the natural attraction insects have towards light, particularly the purple LED light emitted by the device. This attractive hue acts as a powerful lure, enticing insects to approach the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zapper.

As insects are naturally drawn towards light sources, the purple LED light serves as a beacon, guiding them towards the device. This feature is particularly advantageous in outdoor settings where insects tend to be most active. Whether you’re hosting a backyard gathering, relaxing on a patio, or enjoying a camping trip, the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb leverages its insect-attracting properties to create a bug-free environment.

Once insects approach the Electri Zap, they encounter a highly efficient mechanism for their elimination. The device incorporates an electric coil, strategically positioned to swiftly and effectively neutralize insects upon contact. The instant an insect comes into contact with the coil, it receives a quick, electrical discharge, ensuring a prompt and hassle-free elimination process.

The Electrizap Bug Light Bulb’s ability to attract and eliminate insects provides a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bug control methods. Unlike chemical sprays or smoky coils, which may produce undesirable odors or release potentially harmful substances into the air, the Electrizap Light offers a clean and efficient solution.

By using the Electri Zap Light Bulb, you can enjoy your outdoor activities without the constant annoyance of buzzing insects or the need for continual monitoring. The device operates effortlessly, allowing you to focus on your outdoor enjoyment while it takes care of the insect control. With its highly effective insect attraction and zapping capabilities, the Electrizap Light ensures that you can create a comfortable and bug-free zone for your outdoor safety and enjoyment.

Overall, the Electrizap is an elaborately designed device that excels in its effectiveness against insects. With its attractive purple LED light and the swift action of its electric coil, this device offers a powerful insect attraction and hassle-free zapping mechanism. Say goodbye to bothersome insects and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Electrizap Light for your outdoor experiences.

Does ElectriZap Worth The Hype?

Yes, ElectriZap is designed to be highly effective in controlling and eliminating various types of insects. Its electric bug zapper feature, combined with the use of safe-for-humans purple light, attracts insects towards the device where they are trapped and zapped. This mechanism has been proven to be efficient in reducing mosquito populations, eliminating fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and other flying insects.

The purple light emitted by ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb Zapper is specifically designed to be attractive to insects while remaining safe for humans. It draws the insects towards the electric grid, where they are effectively zapped and eliminated. This chemical-free approach ensures a safe and non-toxic solution for bug control.

While the effectiveness of ElectriZap may vary depending on factors such as the specific insect species, the presence of competing light sources, and the environmental conditions, it has been designed and tested to provide reliable bug control. Many users have reported positive results and satisfaction with the performance of ElectriZap in reducing insect populations and creating a bug-free environment.

It’s important to note that for optimal performance, it is recommended to place ElectriZap in areas where insects are commonly found or where you want to create a bug-free zone. Additionally, regular cleaning of the device’s collection chamber is necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

Overall, ElectriZap offers an effective and convenient solution for controlling and eliminating insects, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the nuisance of bug bites and allergies.

Is ElectriZap Legit?

Yes, ElectriZap is a legitimate product that offers bug control solutions through its electric bug zapper technology. It is designed to attract and eliminate various flying insects, including mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and more.

ElectriZap has gained recognition and popularity among users who have found it effective in reducing insect populations and creating a bug-free environment. It has been designed and manufactured with quality standards in mind, ensuring its performance and durability.

As with any product, it’s always a good idea to purchase ElectriZap from reputable sources or the official website to ensure you are getting a genuine and authentic product. Additionally, it’s advisable to read customer reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of the experiences and satisfaction levels of other users.

ElectriZap’s effectiveness and legitimacy are supported by its features, customer feedback, and the company’s commitment to providing reliable bug control solutions. By choosing ElectriZap, you can have confidence in its legitimacy as a bug control device.

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Is ElectriZap Really Effective And Reliable?

Yes, ElectriZap Bug Zapper is designed to effectively work in eliminating bugs and mosquitoes, providing you with a bug-free environment. Its working mechanism, which includes attracting bugs using purple light emission and zapping them with a high voltage core, has proven to be successful in reducing insect populations.

The device emits a 365 NM wavelength UV light, scientifically proven to attract various breeds of bugs and pests. This targeted light source draws insects towards the zapper, making it highly effective in luring them away from you and your living space.

Once insects come into contact with ElectriZap, the high voltage core delivers a swift and efficient electric shock, eliminating them instantly. This ensures that mosquitoes, bugs, and other flying insects are neutralized and unable to bother you.

Furthermore, ElectriZap is designed with safety in mind. The high voltage core is securely covered, ensuring that it remains harmless to pets and children. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that while the zapper effectively eliminates bugs, it poses no risk to your loved ones.

The device also includes an easy-to-clean tray where the dead insects are collected. This convenient feature allows for hassle-free maintenance, ensuring that the zapper remains efficient and ready for use.

Many users in the United States have reported positive experiences with ElectriZap, praising its effectiveness in reducing bug populations and creating a more comfortable living environment. While results may vary depending on the severity of the bug problem and other factors, ElectriZap Bug Bulb Light has garnered a reputation for its bug control capabilities.

When used as directed, ElectriZap offers a safe and efficient solution for keeping bugs and mosquitoes at bay, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the nuisance of flying insects.

Where To Use ElectriZap?

ElectriZap Bug Zapper is a versatile bug control device that can be effectively used both indoors and outdoors. ElectriZap is designed to provide effective bug control wherever you need it. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this versatile bug bulb light helps create a bug-free environment, allowing you to carry on with your activities without the nuisance of flying insects. Here are some recommended uses of ElectriZap for different settings:

Indoor Bug Control: (ElectriZap Reviews)

  • Bedroom: Place the ElectriZap Bug Zapper on your nightstand to create a bug-free sleeping environment. The device’s silent operation ensures a peaceful sleep without any disturbance.
  • Office: Keep the device on your desk to ward off any flying insects that may be present in your workspace. This allows you to focus on your tasks without the annoyance of bugs.
  • Kitchen: Set the ElectriZap Bug Zapper on countertops in the kitchen to eliminate bugs that may be attracted to food or moisture. This helps maintain a hygienic and bug-free cooking area.

Outdoor Bug Control: (ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb Reviews)

  • Gardens: When enjoying outdoor activities in your garden or during picnics, place the ElectriZap Bug Zapper nearby to create a bug-free zone. This allows you to relax and enjoy your time without the interference of mosquitoes or other flying pests.
  • Camping and Caravans: Take the ElectriZap with you on camping trips or when traveling in a caravan. It helps keep your camping area or living space free from bugs, ensuring a more comfortable outdoor experience.
  • Outdoor Trips: Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or engaging in any outdoor adventure, make the ElectriZap your travel companion. Its portable design allows you to easily carry it and keep pesky bugs away, enhancing your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

ElectriZap Prices: How Much Does ElectriZap Light Cost?

The prices for Electrizap as follows:

  • Single Unit: $39.99. Purchase one Electrizap device for just $39.99.
  • Double Pack: $75.98: Save when you purchase two Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zappers as a double pack for $75.98. This brings the cost per unit to $37.99.
  • Triple Pack: $107.98. Get even more savings with the triple pack, which includes three Electrizap Bug Zappers for $107.98. This brings the cost per unit down to $35.99.
  • Quad Pack: $135.96. For larger needs, the quad pack provides four Electrizap Bug Zappers for $135.96. This reduces the cost per unit to $33.99.
  • Five Pack: $159.95. The five pack offers the best value, with five Electrizap Bug Zappers available for $159.95. This brings the cost per unit to $31.99.

How And Where To Buy ElectriZap Light Bulb Zapper?

If you’re looking to purchase the highly effective ElectriZap Light Bulb Zapper, you’ll be pleased to know that it is exclusively available for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer. This ensures that you get the genuine product directly from the source, with the assurance of quality and customer support.

To make the purchasing process convenient and secure, ElectriZap offers multiple payment options. You can choose to complete your purchase using PayPal, a widely trusted and secure online payment platform. Alternatively, you can also use your Credit Cards to complete the transaction, providing you with flexibility and ease of payment.

By purchasing ElectriZap from the official website, you can rest assured that you’re getting an authentic product backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures that you receive a reliable and high-quality bug zapper that meets your expectations and delivers exceptional bug-zapping performance.

To begin your purchase, simply visit the official website of ElectriZap and navigate to the product page. There, you’ll find detailed information about the features, specifications, and pricing of the ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb Zapper. Take your time to review the product details and make an informed decision.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with the purchase, simply add the desired quantity of ElectriZap Light Bulb Zappers to your cart. From there, you can proceed to the checkout page, where you’ll be prompted to provide your shipping and payment information. Rest assured that the website follows strict security measures to protect your personal and financial data.

After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order, including an order number and tracking information. This allows you to stay updated on the status of your shipment and estimated delivery date.

Remember, ElectriZap is exclusively available on the official website, and it’s recommended to make your purchase directly from there to ensure authenticity and a hassle-free buying experience.

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ElectriZap Customer Reviews: What Are Users Saying About ElectriZap Bug Light Bulb

“I bought three of these and they are amazing. Sometimes while I’m reading my kobo and it’s the only light in the house, those little no-see-ums are all on my kobo. If I take this light and put it on they leave me alone and their dead bodies are all over the bottom part of the light. Excellent! I have also used it in my camper and on our boat at night. – Jackson G – Los Angeles  Verified Review

“I bought a similar device from a sporting goods store recently and that thing didn’t work. So I was skeptical about getting this one. But let me tell you this thing worked amazingly!!! After the first night of sleeping outdoors on top of my sleeping bag, I had zero mosquito bites with the bulb on 3 feet away from me. When I woke up and checked the bulb the whole thing was covered in dead mosquitos. I wish I could attach a photo here to show you. Will never go camping without it!” – Meghan S – Chicago  Verified Review

“As a family we love barbecues & bonfires, however the bugs & mosquitoes are always a pain. I saw my neighbor using this ElectriZap Bug Zapper and got the details from him to buy it. It arrived in just 5 days (no shipping delays) and since then – we have not had to deal with flies, itchy ants & mosquitoes. The in-built lamp also works great – just hang it and it sets the mood for the evening while being bright enough!” – Martin L.  Verified Buyer  

“The ElectriZap Bug Zapper is a must-have for when my father & I go out hiking & camping every weekend. Just one charge and it lasts almost the entire day – both to zap bugs & as a flashlight. I love that it comes with a super protective case around the high voltage core, so I never have to worry about our husky getting too close to it.” – Ryan Pua  Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions About ElectriZap Reviews 

How Much Area Does The Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Cover?

The Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zapper provides an impressive coverage area, effectively clearing up to 250 square feet of outdoor space. This dual-function bug-zapper and camping lantern ensures a comfortable and mosquito-free zone for your outdoor activities. With its optimized design, the Electrizap offers an efficient solution to keep a significant area clear of annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. Enjoy your outdoor experiences with confidence, knowing that the Electrizap Light has you covered with its extensive coverage capabilities.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

The battery of the Electrizap is designed to provide an impressive runtime, lasting up to 20 hours on a single charge. This extended battery life ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted bug-zapping and illumination throughout your outdoor activities. With its long-lasting battery, the Electrizap offers reliable performance, making it an ideal companion for camping trips, backyard gatherings, or any outdoor adventure where extended usage is desired. Say goodbye to worrying about frequent battery replacements and embrace the convenience of the long-lasting battery in the Electrizap Light Bulb Zapper.

What Type Of Cable Is Needed?

The Electrizap utilizes a USB Type-C cable for charging. It comes with both a wall charger and the necessary USB Type-C cable included in the package. This convenient inclusion ensures that you have all the required components to charge the device without the need for any additional cables or accessories. The USB Type-C cable offers fast and efficient charging, allowing you to quickly recharge the Electrizap Light Bulb Zapper and keep it ready for your next outdoor adventure. With the provided wall charger and USB Type-C cable, powering up your Electri Zap device is a hassle-free process.

How Long Is The Lifespan Of The Bulb Itself?

The Electrizap features a bulb with an impressive lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. This long-lasting bulb ensures that you can enjoy extended usage of the device without the need for frequent bulb replacements. With an estimated lifespan of 10,000 hours, the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zapper provides reliable performance and cost-effective bug-zapping and illumination for a significant duration. This durability makes it an ideal choice for long-term outdoor use, offering both convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequently replacing bulbs and embrace the longevity of the Electri Zap Light’s bulb, providing you with extended bug control and lighting capabilities.

What Are The Dimensions Of This Electrizap Mosquito Zapper Light?

The Electrizap Light has compact dimensions of approximately 6.8″ x 3.5″ inches. This compact size makes it highly portable and easy to carry during outdoor activities, such as camping trips or backyard gatherings. Despite its compact design, the Electrizap Light packs a powerful bug-zapping and lighting performance.

In addition to its compact dimensions, the Electrizap Light is also lightweight, weighing approximately 7 ounces. This lightweight construction further enhances its portability and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly carry it with you wherever you go.

With its compact dimensions and lightweight construction, the Electrizap Light offers a perfect balance between functionality and portability, making it an excellent choice for bug control and illumination on the go.

How Bright Is The Camping Lantern Part Of The Electrizap?

The camping lantern part of the Electrizap emits an impressive brightness of up to 6,000 lumens. This high lumen output ensures that the area surrounding the device is adequately illuminated, providing you with excellent visibility during your outdoor activities. Whether you’re setting up camp, cooking, or simply enjoying an evening outdoors, the bright and powerful light of the Electrizap Bug Light’s camping lantern offers enhanced visibility and convenience. With its high lumen output, the Electrizap Light Bulb ensures that you have ample light to create a well-lit and comfortable environment during your outdoor adventures.

How Durable Is The Electrizap Bug Zapper Light?

The Electrizap Bulb Light Zapper is designed with durability in mind and is protected by a super soft, shatter-resistant cover. This robust cover adds an extra layer of protection to the device, safeguarding it against accidental impacts or falls. The super soft material not only enhances its durability but also provides a comfortable and safe grip when handling the Electrizap Mosquito Killer Light.

With its shatter-resistant cover, the Electrizap is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. It can endure various weather conditions, ensuring its performance and longevity even in challenging environments. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or enjoying outdoor activities, you can rely on the durable construction of the Electrizap Light to withstand the demands of your adventures.

The combination of the super soft and shatter-resistant cover ensures that the Electrizap Light Bulb Zapper maintains its functionality and appearance over time, making it a reliable and long-lasting bug-zapping and camping lantern solution for your outdoor needs.

Can I Adjust The Lantern’s Brightness?

Absolutely! The Electrizap Light Bulb Zapper provides you with the flexibility to adjust the brightness of the lantern according to your personal preference. It offers four different light settings to choose from: 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100%. This range of options allows you to customize the brightness level based on your specific needs and the desired ambiance for your outdoor setting.

Whether you require a dimmer light for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere or a brighter illumination for increased visibility, the Electrizap Light’s adjustable settings cater to your individual preferences. Simply select the desired brightness level using the available settings, and the lantern will emit light accordingly.

This adjustability feature allows you to optimize the lighting conditions based on different scenarios, such as reading, cooking, or creating a warm ambiance during outdoor gatherings. Experience the convenience of customizable brightness levels with the Electrizap Light, ensuring that your lighting needs are met while enjoying your outdoor activities.

Can I Turn Off The Camping Lantern And Just Use It As An Electrizap?

Certainly! The Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zapper offers the flexibility to turn off the camping lantern function completely and utilize it solely as an Electrizap bug zapper. This feature allows you to focus specifically on eliminating annoying and dangerous mosquitoes and other flying insects in your outdoor space.

By selecting the 0% light setting, you can disable the camping lantern while keeping the Electrizap feature active. This means that the device will continue attracting bugs with its purple LED light and effectively zapping them with the electric coil, providing you with a comfortable and bug-free outdoor area.

Whether you prefer to use the Electrizap as a combined bug zapper and camping lantern or solely as a bug zapper, the device offers the versatility to adapt to your specific needs and preferences. Enjoy the option to customize your bug control experience with the convenience of the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb’s adjustable settings.

How Do I Clean The Electrizap?

Cleaning the Electrizap Light is a straightforward process that ensures its optimal performance. Follow these steps to effectively clean the device:

  • Ensure the Electrizap Light is turned off and unplugged from any power source.
  • Locate the bottom shell of the unit, which contains a small chamber where the zapped bugs accumulate.
  • Carefully detach the bottom shell from the main body of the Electrizap Light. This can usually be done by twisting or sliding the bottom shell off.
  • Hold the bottom shell over a trash bin or disposal area and gently empty the accumulated bugs into the bin. Be cautious not to spill or scatter the contents.
  • If needed, use a soft brush or cloth to remove any residue or debris from the bottom shell. Ensure that it is clean and free from any obstructions.
  • Reattach the bottom shell securely to the main body of the Electrizap Light, ensuring a proper fit.

How Do I Charge  Electrizap Light?

You can charge it easily, whenever you can, with a micro USB charger provided. One charge is enough to last you through the entire day, so you can relax knowing that mosquitos won’t bother you.

Charging the Electrizap Light is a simple and convenient process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Locate the charging port on the Electrizap Light. It is typically located on the side or bottom of the device.
  • Connect the micro USB charger, which is provided with the Electrizap Light, to the charging port.
  • Plug the other end of the micro USB charger into a power source such as a wall adapter, power bank, or computer USB port.
  • Once connected, a charging indicator light on the device will typically illuminate. This light may be green or another color depending on the specific model.
  • Leave the Electrizap connected to the charger until it reaches a full charge. The charging indicator light may change color or turn off to indicate that the device is fully charged.
  • Once fully charged, disconnect the micro USB charger from both the Electrizap Light and the power source.

Remember that a single charge of ElectriZap is typically sufficient to last you throughout the entire day, providing you with uninterrupted protection against mosquitoes and allowing you to relax without any worries.

Does this Electrizap Device emit any chemicals or smell?

No, the Electrizap Light does not emit any chemicals or produce any unpleasant smells. It operates without the use of chemicals, making it a safe and odor-free solution for bug control. Unlike traditional bug sprays or insect repellents that often contain strong scents or chemical compounds, the Electrizap Light relies on its purple LED light to attract insects and an electric coil to zap them.

By using this chemical-free approach, the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb provides you with a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience without the need to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals or unpleasant odors. You can confidently use the Electrizap Light to create a bug-free zone and illuminate your surroundings without any unwanted fragrances or chemical emissions.

Is this Electrizap Bug Zapper Safe? 

Yes, the Electrizap is a safe option for bug control in your home. Unlike bug sprays or anti-mosquito candles that emit unpleasant smells and contain potentially harmful chemicals, the Electrizap Light operates without toxic materials, making it a safer alternative.

The device utilizes a purple LED light to attract bugs and an electric coil to zap them. It does not rely on chemical insecticides or repellents, eliminating the risk of chemical exposure for you and your family. This makes the Electrizap Bug Light Bulb Zapper a suitable choice, especially if you have sensitivities or concerns regarding traditional bug control methods.

By using the Electrizap, you can create a bug-free environment in your home without compromising on safety. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can effectively control insects without the need for toxic chemicals or unpleasant smells.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

The company behind ElectriZap aims to provide prompt delivery of your order. Once your order is confirmed, it will be shipped via UPS within 48 hours. Please note that this processing time allows the company to prepare and package your order for shipment.

For standard delivery, you can expect your package to arrive within 5-7 business days from the time it is shipped. However, please be aware that delivery times may vary depending on your location and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during transit.

To keep you informed about the status of your order, the company will send you an email confirmation containing your tracking number once your order is shipped. You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your package. Additionally, if you prefer SMS notifications, you can sign up for shipping alerts by visiting the UPS website at www.UPS.com.

Where is ElectriZap made?

Electrizap takes pride in being a United States-owned company. As an American company, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service to our valued customers. Being U.S.-based allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, support local businesses and job growth, and contribute to the economy.

We are proud to be part of the vibrant and innovative business landscape in the United States with the address: 6413 Bandini Blvd, Commerce, CA 90040, USA. Our commitment to providing safe, effective, and reliable bug control solutions is rooted in our dedication to customer satisfaction. By choosing Electrizap, you are supporting a U.S. company and partnering with us in promoting local manufacturing and entrepreneurship. Our email is: [email protected]. and our Phone number: 1 (888) 803-4124 (Phone Hours: 7AM – 5PM PST)

ElectriZap Amazon: Is ElectriZap Available On Amazon?

Electrizap, the innovative bug control solution, is exclusively available for purchase through the official Electrizap website. At present, it is not available for sale on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon or other retail websites. To ensure you are getting an authentic Electrizap product and the best customer experience, it is recommended to visit the official website directly.

By purchasing Electrizap through the official website, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are obtaining a genuine product that meets the company’s quality standards. The official website provides a secure and convenient platform for placing your order and offers various purchasing options to suit your needs.

To access the official Electrizap website and explore the product further, you can find relevant links and references in this comprehensive ElectriZap review. These links will direct you to the official website, where you can learn more about the features of Electrizap, view customer testimonials, and place your order with confidence.

Electrizap Reviews Reddit: Are There ElectriZap Reviews On Reddit?

While there may not be specific reviews on ElectriZap available on Reddit at the moment, it is worth noting that the product’s popularity and effectiveness are likely to generate discussions and reviews in various online platforms, including Reddit, in the near future.

As of now, this comprehensive review serves as a valuable resource for those seeking detailed information about ElectriZap. While Reddit is a popular platform for sharing experiences and opinions, it is important to acknowledge that discussions and reviews may take some time to accumulate as more customers become acquainted with the product.

Given the impressive features and effectiveness of ElectriZap, it is highly probable that customers who have experienced its bug control capabilities will soon share their thoughts and experiences on Reddit and other online communities. This will provide potential buyers with valuable insights and user perspectives on the performance and benefits of ElectriZap.

To stay updated with the latest discussions and reviews on ElectriZap, it is recommended to periodically check relevant subreddits or online forums dedicated to bug control, camping gear, or outdoor equipment. By engaging with these platforms, you can gather a diverse range of opinions and make an informed decision about incorporating ElectriZap into your bug control routine.

As ElectriZap continues to gain traction and positive feedback, it is anticipated that Reddit and other online communities will become a valuable source of reviews and discussions, further highlighting the effectiveness and benefits of this innovative bug control solution.

Final Verdict On ElectriZap Reviews 

When it comes to tackling bugs and mosquitoes during the summer season in the United States, ElectriZap stands out as the ultimate bug zapper device. With its affordable price, powerful bug-zapping capabilities, and a range of convenient features, ElectriZap ensures a bug-free environment, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor activities and enjoy a hassle-free summer.

One of the key highlights of ElectriZap is its effectiveness in attracting and eliminating a wide range of bugs and pests. Utilizing blue light emission, which has been scientifically proven to attract bugs, ElectriZap lures them in and swiftly zaps them with its high voltage core. This powerful zapping mechanism ensures that mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying insects are eliminated, providing you with a bug-free zone to relax and unwind.

Moreover, ElectriZap’s thoughtful design includes a built-in powerful flashlight, serving as a versatile tool for various outdoor scenarios. Whether you’re camping, taking an evening stroll, or dealing with emergencies, ElectriZap’s flashlight provides reliable illumination with multiple brightness modes and a long-lasting battery life. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and functionality to the device, making it a must-have companion for your summer adventures.

In conclusion, ElectriZap is the ideal bug zapper device for a bug-free summer in the United States. With its affordability, powerful bug-zapping capabilities, convenient flashlight functionality, noise-free operation, and commitment to safety and the environment, ElectriZap ensures a pleasant and enjoyable outdoor experience. Don’t let bugs and mosquitoes spoil your summer fun – equip yourself with ElectriZap and embrace a bug-free season filled with endless adventures and relaxation.

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