National Security Expert To Debut True Crime App That Solves America’s Greatest Mysteries

National Security Expert To Debut True Crime App That Solves America’s Greatest Mysteries
The true crime app that solves America’s most well known murder and mass attack mysteries.
App Will Reveal Stunning Unknown Revelations Behind the OnlyFans Model Murder, Las Vegas Mass Shooting, And Other Well Known Cases

Miami, Florida – National security, school, and mass shooting expert Jerome Almon is releasing a true crime app that solves America’s greatest crime mysteries. Mr. Almon has authored several groundbreaking articles on the subjects that have been reviewed by DHS, the FBI, and Scotland Yard. The App is slated to debut in July 2023 and expands on the Durham Report in ways that will shock America.

According to reports from the NY Times, the Associated Press, and Gannett, Mr. Almon has been instrumental in the investigations of America’s largest terrorism and criminal cases including the Las Vegas mass shooting, Pulse nightclub, Katie Janness, and San Bernardino Christmas party attack cases. FBI, DHS, and NYPD records indicate that Almon accurately forecast several severe threats to America’s national security.

According to Almon, the app will not only reveal stunning unknown information regarding cases such as the Courtney Clenney OnlyFans murder case, but will provide behind the scenes information that brings the case to a conclusion prior to trial. The app also is unique in the fact that it provides solutions to the school and mass shooter epidemics by revealing the origin, causation, and provides platforms that end the problems. One of the platforms comes from an independent filmmaker and entrepreneur set to debut at Comicon 2023. The platform combines chess with a unique Hollywood movie series. According to the platform’s inventor, the series targets teens and provides a positive alternative to violence.

Mr. Almon will host a series of town halls that will be live streamed on Twitter. Almon is targeting Twitter due to the recent announcement that former Fox news host Tucker Carlson will be joining forces with Elon Musk to form a news platform. The app’s main concentration is on preventing future incidents by providing the public with full information that led to America’s most negative large-scale trends and incidents.


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