Time To Ditch The Spreadsheets And Go Digital To Help Retain Staff In Aged And Disability Care

The Aged Care and Disability Services sectors are facing increased pressure under “a perfect storm” of having to provide quick solutions to major staffing issues while dealing with increasingly rigorous compliance regulations.

Already battling an industry-wide staffing crisis, aged care and disability services organizations around the world are wasting time on highly manual compliance monitoring processes, according to Kinatico CEO Michael Ivanchenko.  

“Slashing the time spent on manual compliance monitoring means organizations can focus on the overwhelming challenges facing the industry in 2023, and the major one is attracting and retaining the staff required to meet staffing ratios to provide better services,” said Mr Ivanchenko.  

“Against this backdrop, there are increasingly more complex issues surrounding stricter compliance and it’s now more important than ever that organizations in the aged care and disability space find time-saving technological solutions to these ongoing and evolving challenges,” he said.  

In 2021, the Royal Commission into Aged Care in Australia found “the aged care system is well behind other sectors in the use and application of technology and has no clear information and communications technology strategy”.  

“Spreadsheets just don’t cut it any more. Organizations that are still attempting to manage compliance through spreadsheets or a paper-based approach face an impossible task,” said Mr Ivanchenko.  

“The biggest problem is human error in data entry but there are other issues. This also creates standalone systems that do not integrate with each other, no centralized source of data, a lack of transparency, and an inability to automate time-consuming manual processes.  

“Switching to an end-to-end digital platform for managing workforce compliance in aged care and disability services produces both immediate and long-term benefits.”  

Mr Ivanchenko said these include:  

–  Meeting regulatory requirements – Aged care and disability services are subject to strict regulatory requirements. Compliance with these regulations is necessary to maintain accreditation and funding, and failure to meet these standards can lead to serious consequences for an organization, including legal action and reputational damage.  

–  Reducing operational overheads – Instead of needing to hire a team of additional qualified staff to manage time consuming manual systems, which can be error-prone, it’s possible to develop a “lean team” that can manage compliance simply and securely, freeing them up to secure the best talent. 

–  Building trust and confidence – Compliance and screening can help to build trust and confidence among clients, families, and the wider community. When organizations demonstrate that they are committed to providing high-quality care and complying with regulations, it can improve their reputation and help to attract new clients.  

–  Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals – Aged care and disability services cater to some of the most vulnerable members of society. By improving compliance and screening, it helps to ensure that these individuals receive high-quality care and protection from neglect, abuse, and exploitation.  

–  Improving the quality of care – Compliance and screening can help to identify areas of weakness in an organization’s care provision, enabling them to take steps to improve the quality of care they provide. This can lead to better outcomes for residents and clients, including improved health and wellbeing. 

“What this means is that organizations need to be constantly assessing, monitoring and reviewing its workforce through an effective human resources system – which includes compliance management.” 

About Kinatico: 

Kinatico (ASX: KYP) is a leading provider of ‘know your people’ solutions. The company provides real-time workforce compliance management via its core software-as-a-service RegTech solution Cited. Through its suite of Reg-tech SaaS solutions, Kinatico simplifies the daily process of managing compliance for organizations. By combining credential management and compliance data with policy, regulatory and legislative requirements, Kinatico solutions enable organizations to mobilise their workers and power insights for better, safer workplaces. 

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