What is the difference between an infrared touch all-in-one machine and a capacitive touch all-in-one machine

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1. Features of infrared touch all-in-one machine

From the appearance surface, there are grooves on the surface of the screen frame of the infrared touch all-in-one machine. The touch screen is like embedded.

2. Features of capacitive touch all-in-one machine

The screen appearance of the capacitive touch all-in-one machine is a pure flat design, with no grooves on the surface, just like the mobile phone/tablet screen we use. The appearance is better than the infrared touch screen. The pure closed plane design is easier to clean, not affected by light, and has waterproof function.

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Picture So, should the touch all-in-one machine choose a capacitive touch all-in-one machine or an infrared touch all-in-one machine? You can consider the following points:

1. Applicable size:

Touch all-in-one machines below 32 inches (not included) are capacitive touch screens, 32 inches to 55 inches can choose capacitive touch or infrared touch, and infrared touch screens are recommended for 65 inches or more. Choose capacitive touch for small size and infrared touch for large size.

2. Price comparison:

The price of capacitive touch is higher than that of infrared touch.

3. Touch sensitivity:

Small-size capacitive touch is more sensitive than infrared touch, and large-size infrared touch is more sensitive than capacitive touch.

4. Operation experience:

Compared with capacitive touch screens, although the sensitivity of infrared touch is not as high as that of capacitive touch, there is not much difference in user experience.

To sum up, we can see that whether it is a capacitive touch all-in-one machine or an infrared touch all-in-one machine, there is no one that is the best. Each has its own advantages and highlights. You can choose according to your own needs and budget.

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