What is the waterproof level of camping light?

1. Are camping lights waterproof?Camping lights have a certain waterproof ability.Because when camping, some campsites are very humid, and it feels like it has rained all night when people wake up the next day, so the camping lights are required to have a certain waterproof ability; but generally the camping lights are not fully waterproof, after all, camping The lights are generally hung under the canopy or inside the tent, and will only get a little water, and the waterproof performance is too strong and it will not have enough effect.

2. Can the camping lights be exposed to rain?The waterproof performance of the camping light is very important. After all, it is used in a wild environment. It may rain suddenly at night, so the camping light needs to have a certain waterproof ability. So how about the waterproof performance of the camping light? Can it be exposed to rain?Therefore, under normal circumstances, camping lights cannot be used directly in the rain. A small amount of rain is not a big problem. If they are used in the rain all the time, they may be damaged.

3. What is the waterproof level of outdoor camping lights?When going out to camp, sometimes the environment is very humid and even rains, so the waterproof performance of camping lights is particularly important at this time. The waterproof performance of camping lights is generally divided by waterproof grade.The waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns is usually measured by the IPX waterproof grade standard. It is divided into nine grades from IPX-0 to IPX-8. , continuous 30 minutes, performance is not affected, no water leakage. Camping lights belong to outdoor lighting, and generally IPX-4 is sufficient. It can eliminate the harmful effects of splashing water droplets from different directions. It is the basis for outdoor use. It is enough to cope with outdoor humid environments. There are also some good camping lights that are waterproof. The level can reach IPX5 level


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