Dereck Hoogenkamp’s Yalla Limited is ascending with higher level of Conscious Futuristic Eco Real Estate Developments using the latest technologies creating Unique destinations to Rejuvenate.

Dereck is from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao, grew up across Europe and started his corporate life at Chupa Chups, Spain. Besides Property Development Dereck, set-up multiple ventures in Hospitality IT, Telecom and Media.

Dereck lived and travelled around the world building, working at, launching, advising Real Estate Eco-Systems, and creating New Destinations such as;

–  UAE; Dubai’s Al Barari which means Wilderness, a luxury destination with True Nature, Abu Dhabi‘s Bloom, Towers, Villas Complexes and Residences. Jumeirah Luxury at Jumeirah Golf Estates.
–  Montenegro; for Investment Corporation Dubai (ICD), Porto Montenegro. Dukley Gardens, Budva.
–  Spain; his own residential developments and Mega Mixed-Use Destinations for El Reino with Casinos, water-parks, Airport, Golf, etc.
–  Africa; Tunisia “International Riviera” with BW Group. New Luxury Tented Camp locations in the bush of Tanzania with Asilia and True Africa.
Global; Working with Kingdom Hotel Investments (KHI), 5* Resorts & Hotels with its brands Four Seasons, Raffles, etc.

Besides the economical aspect of turning Millions to several Billions of USD for multiple Real Estate Developers, he became more and more interested in spreading “The Good”, “Consciousness”, “Health” and “Technology” supporting the Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy & Soul.

As a Public Speaker on Latest Technologies (Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, Decentralization) across the globe, he realized that people have a need more and more of; Belonging, Community, Health, Consciousness, Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, Decentralization, Experiences, Non-materialistic, Energy, Nature, Fairness and Balance.

Dereck saw that the latest Technology trends and Property developments were mainly or only used for Economical benefit, so Dereck took things in his own hands and looking for more Impact. Creating New Destinations and getting the right Partners.

Eco-Developments with a Higher Purpose, with No-Excuse and full of Trust & Respect.

–  The World’s First Eco-Futuristic Resort
–  Digital Twin of Ascendia in Metaverse
–  Sacred Architecture & Landscaping
–  Luxury & Affordable Accommodations
–  Art Installations Throughout Property
–  A Wide Range of Trainings & Events
–  Onsite Adventures & Magical Activities
–  Organic Permaculture & Farm to Table
–  Structured & Programmed Water System
–  Creator Village w/ Music, Film & Art Studios
–  Interactive Experience Complexes & Temples
–  Advanced Quantum Healing & Wellness Spa

So opportunities he has created to invest:

–  Prime Location Glass House beach lodges in Koh Samui, Thailand
–  Holistic Villa Development in Chiang Rai and Koh Samui, Thailand
–  Ascended Castles and Spiritual Energetic Developments in for example Miami and Belize.
–  Sports Related complexes in Thailand
–  TV Series / Documentary and Education of Buddhist Temples, “The Temple Hunter”
–  And Startups like “Aeroverse”, “TraderOTT”, “YesWeTrust”

Let us resurrect, let’s Ascend, Yalla Let’s go!


For anyone who is interested to purchase a Villa, (co-) invest in a Resort Development, get advice on Holistic Futuristic Eco Real Estate Development, wants to support vetted startups mentioned, or wants to contact Dereck for Public Speaking, please find the contact information hereunder;

Facebook: @dhoogenkamp
Instagram: #dhoogenkamp

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Country: United Arab Emirates